Migrating to Alfresco Content & Process Services

Modernize your Applications with Minimal Risk and Operational Impact

Are you looking to migrate your Legacy ECM Solutions to Alfresco? Need to minimize the risk and ensure success? Need a partner who has real-world experience? Help is here.

You may be looking to replace outdated solutions built on Documentum xCP or FileNet BPF, or make the move to Open Source from commercial solutions such as Microsoft, IBM , Pega or OpenText. In either case, if you are wondering how you can migrate and leverage the power of Alfresco, you’re not alone.

There are many considerations when planning a move from one ECM or workflow platform to another, such as changes in security and information model, determining what to migrate, as well as how to best leverage the capabilities of the new platform.

Above all else, minimizing negative impacts on your business and customers is paramount. The news is regularly full of failed large-scale migrations and upgrades. Selecting an established partner with relevant experience, tools, products and a reputation for success makes all the difference.

Top considerations for migrating to Alfresco:

  • Transformation of legacy objects into the new model
  • Upgrade of the user experience to positively impact business and avoid disruption
  • Transforming closed & in-flight work items into new, more efficient Alfresco process maps
  • Audit objects, logs, and analyzer data
  • Object security and taxonomy
  • Content and data transformation, verification, and cleanup
  • Enabling new Alfresco features

Intellective has been doing migrations of sophisticated Line of Business and Enterprise process, content and case solutions for years. Many of our principals were early pioneers of process and case management – our knowledge and experience have helped numerous customers complete complex migrations to newer platforms.

Our products, Intellective Unity and Interchange, were created out of the need for an Application Modernization Foundation that would allow information workers and workflow users to migrate quickly to newer versions of software while minimizing impact.

Intellective utilizes advanced tools, including Interchange, in our migrations. Interchange is a flexible, proven solution for migrating content, case and metadata from one repository to another. With Unity, you can even modernize your existing applications and provide a contemporary, configurable user experience. Unity can also be used to recreate, replace or augment the existing user interface, dramatically reducing risk while shortening the impact and duration of the migration.


Our unique approach to migrating from legacy platforms is to utilize Unity to connect to both the legacy and Alfresco systems simultaneously from the same UI. This opens up many different migration strategies, covering migration of live data to the new system, only static data or, in extreme cases, running both systems simultaneously during a cutover period.

For example, our most common approach is to complete old cases in the legacy platform via the Unity UI, while new cases are created from the same UI, but in Alfresco. There is no screen switching or searching for the right system – everything is accessible from one place. Once the legacy case closes, Interchange can move the closed case information over to Alfresco. After all legacy cases complete, the legacy system is retired. This approach virtually eliminates user impact, while enabling a newer experience much sooner in the process.


Intellective migrations always follow a proven methodology to ensure success. But when it comes to migrations, experience is everything. No other company knows how to migrate your legacy solution to Alfresco better than Intellective.

It is the depth of experience in both the technology and practical business application, that make Intellective the perfect partner for your migration project.

Contact us and let our experts show you how you can migrate to the latest version of Alfresco Content and Process Services.

For more information on how Intellective can help your company meet its goals, contact one of our migration experts today!

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