Enterprise Analytics

At Intellective, we understand that embedding analytics in your enterprise applications requires a well-structured and carefully orchestrated strategy. Our focus is helping our customers achieve positive results by integrating enterprise applications with critical data to solve unique organizational challenges.

Actionable Insights

Data analytics is a strategic opportunity that requires the right mix of technical savvy, organizational vision, and depth of business expertise. We have the proven experience to help you develop the right strategy for analyzing your raw data and taking direct, meaningful actions to drive positive business outcomes.

Identify and Eliminate Bottlenecks

Drive efficiency and great customer service by integrating your enterprise applications with Intellective’s analytics solutions.

  • Quickly discover and improve inefficient organizational processes
  • Control all your applications from one single interface
  • Easily balance user workloads
Eliminate Bottlenecks
Gain Insights into your data

Gain New Insights

Our analytics help you understand your collected information to gain better business insights.

  • Define facets to examine all your information
  • Search and filter across data, content, cases, workflows, and more
  • Discover new associations in your data

Take Action for Improvement

Extend your business intelligence with Intellective’s predictive analytics solutions.

  • Make well-informed decisions based on clear visibility into your data, content, processes, and workflows
  • Drive positive changes and results in your organization
  • Improve operational processes
Actionable Analytics
Search across All of your Data

Search Across All of Your Enterprise Data

Globally search across all your repositories and applications and view the information you need in one single dashboard.

  • Manage your content, cases, workflows, and processes in a customizable user interface
  • Integrate with many platforms, including Salesforce, Documentum, Alfresco, and IBM FileNet
  • Connect to any data source, including Java and REST APIs