Application Modernization

Establish a solid application foundation while empowering your business through integration of existing and new applications. Intellective provides a new approach to enterprise application deployment, promoting agility, configurability and rules definitions without costly rip and replace of legacy applications.

Rapidly Update Legacy Applications

Intellective’s solution for application modernization leverages the capabilities within the Unity platform. Unity’s low-code, no-code approach to enterprise modernization provides the ability to rapidly replace the rules and user experience for legacy applications. Our customers are able to maintain existing data systems, while cost-effectively replacing old applications with a contemporary, configurable approach to enhancing processes, rules and interfaces.

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Personalized Experience
  • Creation of custom plan to consolidate applications and systems
  • Work with a team with decades of experience
  • Modernize content and processes without impact to users
Embrace Configurability
  • Utilizes Agile methodology to allow shorter time to market
  • Accelerate your deployment with Intellective Unity and our Solutions
  • Configure rules and processes to dramatically improve application deployment
Analyze Processes
  • Analyze how information is consumed and by whom
  • Establish an enterprise wide content and information plan
  • Address types of information and how it is used throughout your organization
  • Plan and implement an architecture for your content, information and processes



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