Application Modernization & Digital Transformation

We have a proven platform, Intellective Unity, that promotes agility and configurability while integrating your legacy applications with new applications.

Transform Your Legacy Applications

Rapidly transform your applications with our Unity platform. Unity a is no-code approach to enterprise modernization that allows you to maintain existing data systems while cost-effectively replacing legacy applications with one configurable user interface.

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Customize the User Experience

With Unity, you can configure the user interface exactly to your organization's needs

  • Manage your content, cases, workflows, and processes in one customizable dashboard
  • Globally search across all your repositories and applications and view the information you need in one single dashboard
  • Make insightful business decisions based on focused analytics from leading-edge tools such as SOLR and Lucene
Personalize Experience
Embrace Configurability

Embrace Configurability

Get a detailed view of every customer from multiple data sources to drive smarter sales conversations and build lasting brand loyalty.

  • Rapidly configure the application interface, security, and integration across multiple systems
  • Work with any content services platform, including Documentum, Alfresco, and IBM FileNet
  • Connect to any data source, including Java and REST APIs

Analyze Processes and Workflows

Bring all the content and cases in your organization together in one user interface.

  • Gain actionable insight into how data is consumed and used throughout your organization
  • Execute an architecture strategy to manage all your workflows, and processes
  • Establish a flexible and unified enterprise-wide content management plan


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