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Extend Box Capabilities with Intellective Unity

Start with Box’s easy to use, cloud-based content management. Now add Unity’s enterprise-class application and analytics foundation. Combine them seamlessly using Unity’s pre-built Box integration. Result: A complete cloud platform for secure file-sharing, actionable analytics, case and content management, and data integration, empowering your business to combine content, process, and data from across the enterprise into a single configurable user interface.

  • Instantly add Case Management functionality to your Box platform

  • Leverage Unity to bring Box into multi-repository content and process applications

  • Provide advanced workflow capabilities including e-notifications, milestones, and full auditability

Unity’s Box integration seamlessly integrates Box content and functionality into the Unity platform, improving operational efficiency and digital productivity.

      How Does Box Integration with Unity Work?

      Seamless Integration

      Adding Case Management and Advanced Workflow capabilities to Box has never been easier. Unity provides the framework for Case, Analytics, and Enterprise Search, all on top of Box’s cloud content management services. With Unity’s integration for Box, you can quickly and easily expose Box content to enterprise applications such as claims processing, onboarding, and fraud prevention.

      Easy Configuration

      Unity allows a configurable interface based on roles to provide each user the functionality and content such as in-baskets, reports, analytics, and search templates that is most beneficial to job. Unity can connect any application, content repository, or database to the Box experience ensuring compatibility with current and future systems. Easily configure connections and shared services like user interface, security, analytics, search, data sources, and connectors.

      Connected Organization

      Intellective Unity accelerates the deployment of applications that optimize business processes by empowering Box users to find what they need anytime and anywhere from across your enterprise. Add or change a document in Box, and see the changes reflected instantly in Unity. Make an edit to a doc in Unity, and the same thing happens in Box. Whether you’re working in your browser, Office, or mobile app, all files sync across all systems.

      Increased Consistency

      Unity provides an enterprise-wide search of content, metadata, and application data that can then be used in Box solutions. Box users can quickly filter through historical and live content from across the enterprise. Unity increases consistency by normalizing data and content across various systems. By eliminating redundancy, you automatically increase your Box user’s productivity by ensuring they have up to date information in front of them at all times.

      Deliver Faster Time to Market

      Unity supports scalability and rapid deployment of re-engineered business processes as the business changes. By configuring a reusable business object architecture, Box users can pull data and content enterprise-wide, delivering faster time to market. With virtual folders Box users can easily find files that are content related from across your enterprise.

      Informed Decision Making

      Unity delivers actionable analytics on real-time and historical Box content. Users can select collections of data to analyze and use interactive diagrams to support continuous process improvement and other critical business initiatives, allowing Box users to make more informed business decisions.

      Secure File-Sharing

      Unity supports open security standards and Box’s existing security and entitlement to provide role-based field level security. Box users can share content and transfer files with ease of mind regardless of the Unity application they are working in.

      See the Unity for Box Integration in Action!

      See for yourself how Unity’s Box integration seamlessly improves operational efficiency and digital productivity, improving file sharing, and enterprise content management. Just fill out the form below, and one of our experts will get back to you to schedule your demo.