A Federated Content and Workflow Strategy

Content Portfolio Chaos

In today’s digital economy, most businesses find themselves having to maintain an array of data and content solutions. Whether it is the result of deploying point solutions over time or fallout from mergers and acquisitions, many companies are left with an inefficient portfolio of disparate systems. There comes a time when the overall technical landscape requires an overhaul to regain efficiency, increase productivity and return profitability.

The key to success of a modernization initiative lies in the approach that is taken. Time has shown that a ‘big bang’ strategy tends to create too many potential risks and a high possibility for failure. Intellective’s expert Content Portfolio Modernization service delivers a pragmatic Enterprise Content Services Strategy that balances the goal of optimizing content platforms with company requirements for an expedited time to market, while avoiding business disruptions.

A Pragmatic Content Framework

Intellective’s Modernization service delivers a Federated Content and Workflow Strategy using a time tested and proven methodology:

  • The process starts with content discovery including classification of content, usage, and flow.
  • Followed by the design of a pragmatic Federated Enterprise Content Services Strategy that balances the goal of minimizing content platforms with company needs and time to market.
  • The strategy is then executed in a phased approach using Intellective’s Unity low code integration framework to minimize risk and avoid business disruptions
    • Consolidate content platforms, identifying those to be retired
    • Federate and integrate remaining platforms to ensure all are working in unison

How We Deliver

Intellective has been solving content challenges for over twenty years. Our consultants have extensive expertise in content and workflow management.

In addition to the unparalleled expertise, Intellective has a unique methodology that delivers enterprise solutions on time with minimal business risks and disruptions.

Lastly, Intellective’s Unity integration framework makes all of the above possible in a low code, secure, cloud ready environment.

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