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2023 is right around the corner and we’re excited to pull out our crystal ball to predict what the next digital transformation trends will be!

But first, let’s reflect on 2022. At Intellective we welcomed new team members, launched Unity for PowerApps, and expanded our offerings including a new and improved Unity for nCino document viewer.

We want to say a big thank you to our partners such as IBM, nCino and Salesforce for working with us and helping countless customers have a better ECM experience. And a thank you to all our wonderful team members that dream up, create and market our amazing Unity suite!

Now for 2023!

There are plenty of trends that have been around for years that we rehash every December. Think IoT, AI powered data analytics, or ‘automating for innovation’. While these are all true, we wanted to think beyond that and take the information we’ve been compiling from clients and thought leaders. So, with that, we think a few things will take over the digital transformation and content management space, such as the rising demand of low code platforms, inter-team collaboration tools, and AI learning via built environments.

Low Code Platforms

If you work with, or in the SaaS space, you know that often the software is the first thing sold, but the experience and intelligence of the team that built it is also being sold. Often, software requires lengthy implementation, or quarterly reports created by the company itself. However, with more and more companies restructuring teams, the need for true low-code platforms is rising.

Companies are demanding products that anyone can use and pull information from in a moments notice. Combine that with a demand for customizable dashboards and reports, then low code platforms make sense.

If your company is still requiring clients to request reports, or use complicated queries to regularly pull information, you’ll likely need to adapt to the changing needs of your customer base. An all-in-one solution is really what the crowds want in 2023.

Inter-Team Collaboration Tools

2020 brought the extreme rise in using remote tool communication tools. 2021 perfected that and showed us which tools were the best. Now in 2022, the demand for sharing between teams, either in your company or with partners at other companies is rising. At Intellective, we predict in 2023 we will see a demand for extended inter-company abilities in our tried-and-true communication tools, or new budding technology will be developed to allow instant communication and content sharing. No more forgetting to add people to new communication channels or trying to figure out whose Google drive has original documents on it.

AI Learning in Built Environments

AI learning is nothing new, and most businesses use this information to make decisions. However, in 2023 with people returning to workplaces in mass, we will see more built environments leveraging AI learning to change their user experience. This could take the shape of work offices looking at user behavior in meeting rooms, or flow of traffic in Gyms being used to dictate app interfaces. Looking to do a certain workout on Wednesday? Here’s the likelihood the 5 machines you’re hoping to use will be available during different times of day.

Talking about optimizing those gains.

Now what do you think will be the biggest technology trends for the new year? We know we plan to help optimize workflows, increase productivity, and decrease costs of content storage! But, that’s what we do every year at Intellective.

Happy Holidays and a Safe New Year from the Intellective family to yours. See you in 2023!

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