Architecture & Enterprise Software Development

We specialize in designing and deploying enterprise applications that optimize business operations. Our proven expertise in analytics, business process and case management, content capture, and systems integration allows us to transform your organization’s applications like never before.

Optimize Your organization

We can help you modernize your enterprise-wide applications and develop architecture and business solutions to solve your biggest IT challenges.

  • Reduce your infrastructure costs
  • Create a unified customer experience
  • Improve employee efficiency and productivity
  • Empower your users with information they need all in one place
  • Rapidly deploy and automate solutions using the latest technologies and methodologies
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Unity Info Sheet

Intellective Unity empowers users to find what they need when they need it. Intellective Unity helps organizations improve operational efficiency and digital productivity, reduce operating costs, and deliver better solutions faster than ever. Read More...

Unity for Salesforce Info Sheet

Connect data, documents, and workflows from multiple systems, including IBM FileNet, IBM Business Automation Workflow, Alfresco, Box, SharePoint, jBPM and more. Read More...

Interchange Info Sheet

Interchange is a flexible solution for migrating and transforming documents, images, metadata, database content, workflow objects, cases, and more from one system to another. Read More...