Enterprise Application Consulting

Intellective specializes in designing and deploying enterprise applications that optimize business operations. Our expertise encompases analytics, business process and case management, content capture and systems integration. Our breadth of knowledge allows us to integrate your organization’s applications like never before. Our clients see decreases in operational cost, improved efficiency, higher employee productivity and better customer service.

Optimize your organization

Leveraging Intellective’s expertise our customers modernize their¬†applications enterprise wide and develop comprehensive¬†architecture and business solutions that solve real life¬†problems. Our decades of expertise in systems architecture means we plan for all contingencies and deploy solutions rapidly, meeting goals and budgets. We help our customers optimize their infrastructure realizing a reduction in costs, while creating a unified customer experience, and empowering end users with the information they need.

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Intellective Unity utilizes a single user interface to access all applications and repositories. Bringing all information under one interface, accessable by your end users with zero impact while deploying new technologies. Read the whitepaper here...


Read more about the technical side of Unity. Discover the underlying technology, security standards, datasource configurations and more. Read the whitepaper here...


Intellective and one of our clients, the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission is recognized by the Workflow Management Coalition for Excellence in Adaptive Case Management. In fact, the U.S. NRC was not only awarded best government submission, but received best overall submission of 2015 across all industries worldwide! Read the whitepaper here...