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What Does Grooper Do?

Grooper is a document capture platform that transforms any document from any source into actionable data to help you accelerate business insights, improve processes, and preserve valuable content.

Turn Any Document Into Actionable Data

Modernize your document processing and collections tasks while exposing the dark data in your organization.

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Process Any Document

  • Paper scanning—the best paper capture available using Scan-Once technology
  • Electronic files—any electronic documents, file types, and file systems
  • ECM Systems—move documents to and from existing ECM systems
  • Email—messages, attachments, metadata, and PST files
Process any document
Collect Any Information

Collect Any Information

  • OCR—iterative, cellular, synthetic
  • Data extraction—fields, tables, and sections
  • Classification—automated page-by-page sorting of words, shapes, and images
  • Data review—automated and manual review of documents and data

Manage Your Digital Assets in One Intelligent Platform

By exposing your dark data, Grooper can help you:

  • Grow revenue and customers
  • Save time and money
  • Improve organizational efficiency
  • Build customer loyalty
Harness Intelligent Data

Harness Intelligent Data

  • Get 360° visibility into your document content, regardless of its format or the platform on which it resides.
  • Integrate with more than 400 document scanners to import, index, and classify documents.
  • Utilize bidirectional document interchange with nearly 50 enterprise information management systems.
  • Automate processes for accounts payable and work orders.

Train Your Data

  • Import electronic documents from any ECM.
  • Import documents from any email provider or access the information contained in your company’s existing or obsolete email servers.
  • Access files from system or network folder and filter them based on size, path, or metadata.
  • Monitor and receive information from SFTP sites and daily reports.
Train your data


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