Salesforce is targeting YOUR accounts. Intellective has the solution to solidify and grow IBM's presence:

  1. Quickly increase your IBM FileNet and Business Automation Workflow licences
  2. Increase the importance of Content Management and Workflow Cloud outside of Salesforce
  3. Modernize your customers' operations by moving them to Content and Workflow Cloud

Unite your customer's Salesforce users
with FileNet and Case Manager

Salesforce Users to FileNet Licenses
*For every 1,000 FileNet licenses, there are 3,000 Salesforce users. Each Salesforce user requires a FileNet license to view information.

With Unity for Salesforce, you can increase your customer base by providing Salesforce users immediate access to their cases in Business Automation Workflow and content in FileNet.

It’s time to make FileNet and Business Automation Workflow more relevant to your customer’s business. Connect FileNet and Case Manager to Salesforce with Unity for Salesforce for a 360-degree view of critical information. Unity for Salesforce extends Salesforce’s functionality, giving customers a more holistic view of their content, data and case information – unlike anything before.

Unity for Salesforce empowers users to seamlessly access and manage all their data, whether on-premise or cloud. The solution integrates out of the box, allowing customers to interact directly with FileNet and Business Automation Workflow in their Salesforce business operations.

By extending your customer’s Salesforce cloud with Unity for Salesforce, users can safely access the external information and workflows they need right within Salesforce. They no longer need to search for data in multiple systems or leave Salesforce to complete tasks, which empowers them to deliver positive interactions with the speed and thoroughness customers expect.

Salesforce diagram

What this means to your customer:

  • Keep users engaged in Salesforce when they need information that resides outside of Salesforce
  • Implement Unity Lightning components with simple configurations and no coding
  • Automatically execute contextual queries across multiple systems and repositories based on Salesforce elements like customer, account, case, or contract
  • Enforce role-based authentication that leverages existing security systems so that users see only what they’re supposed to see

Because Unity for Salesforce is based on Unity, our digital transformation and integration solution, your customers also have the power to:

  • Rapidly configure application interfaces, security, and integration across multiple systems
  • Connect old and new systems without disruption or difficulty
  • Globally search across all your repositories and applications and view the information you need in one single dashboard
  • Integrate and augment existing security methods like LDAP and
  • Make insightful business decisions based on focused, interactive analytics

Deeper and Richer Customer

Unity for Salesforce gives Salesforce users a detailed view of every customer from multiple data sources, which helps to drive smarter sales conversations and lasting brand loyalty.

Cost Savings

Unity for Salesforce eliminates the need to buy additional Salesforce file storage, because customers can leverage existing repositories that they already have access to or have invested in.

Easier Innovation

Simple and speedy integration lets your customers’ teams enjoy faster time-to-market for new applications and cloud technologies – fostering innovation without disrupting workflows.

Enchanced Productivity

Users can complete more interactions and workflows without leaving Salesforce and achieve higher quality conversations with faster turnarounds.

Smarter Analytics

Unity’s data aggregation empowers teams to turn data into marketing insights and useful KPIs.

Stronger Security and Compliance

Collaborate and share files without vulnerabilities. Unity’s built-in governance and compliance controls integrate with and augment existing security systems to ensure that users interact only with the content and data they’re authorized to use.

At Intellective, we harness intelligence from customers information by connecting and aggregating data from multiple legacy systems. Since 2006, we have delivered intelligent, large-scale enterprise solutions on top of IBM Software, at a fraction of the time and cost. Our global team of elite technologists leverages its collective experience in many industries to overcome data, process, and system integration challenges to help improve agility, enhance customer service, and promote greater competitive advantage. We believe that information and systems should work for the customer, not against them. Together, Intellective and IBM can make this happen – a win win for everyone.