written by Brian Schlosser

I’m not just announcing a new website. This is the leading edge of a series of enhancements that will bring new value to our customers and partners. We have been working on this for a while and we are just getting started!

Along with the website, we are releasing Unity 7. This release can tell you a lot about our future. Unity has always lived up to its name by bringing multiple sources of data together in a seamless and powerful environment that has been implemented by leading business and government organizations. Our customers have won awards and realized significant ROI’s, but they wanted more.

Unity 7 adds powerful and focused analytics. Using leading edge tools such as SOLR and Lucene, Unity provides analytical tools that do more than provide pretty pictures. They are live analytics that allows business operators to take action directly from the analytic display across many sources of data. And yes, this comes with the product!

Unity 7 also brings an unprecedented degree of configurability. We believe you should be able to configure your environment to match your business, not the other way around.

We have fully embraced CMIS and enhanced connectivity with our platform partners like IBM and Alfresco.

Want to go further? Unity has a “dock” to allow your data scientists to rapidly use leading edge tools like HUE (Hadoop User Experience) to gain even more insights to your business.

There is a lot more, but you should probably just see it.

Of course, product is meaningless without experience and that is what Vega is known best for. In order to build advanced and extensible software we had to take an extraordinarily experienced staff and let them contribute their architectural and business experience to the process. They did and the result is both pre-built applications for customers and a consulting staff that is uniquely qualified in analytics, data sciences AND business applications.

This is only the beginning…

Look for us to continue to make leading edge technology deployable and valuable to organizations with real business problems to solve. Look for us to keep extending our value to our partner’s platforms like IBM’s Watson, and Alfresco platforms Most of all, look for us to help customers gain new insight into their business and take immediate action to improve it.

This is what Vega has always done. This is who we are. This is what we will do.

We Invite you to follow us and join us as we make the best of leading-edge data technology real and productive for our customers.

Here we go…