Migrating to IBM Case Manager

Modernize your Applications with Minimal Risk and Operational Impact

Are you looking to migrate your Legacy FileNet Solutions to IBM Case Manager? Need a partner who has real-world experience? Help is here.

Many companies are still using solutions built on IBM FileNet Business Process Framework (BPF), unsupported versions of FileNet or continue to pay premium for extended support. If you’re one of them and are wondering how to migrate to a new solution leveraging IBM Case Manager (ICM) and current versions of IBM FileNet, you’re not alone.

There are many considerations when planning an upgrade to the current versions of ICM and P8, such as changes in security and information models, determining what to migrate, as well as how to best leverage the capabilities of the new platform.

Above all else, minimizing negative impacts on your business and customers is paramount. The news is regularly full of failed large-scale migrations and upgrades. Selecting an established partner with relevant experience, tools, products and a reputation for success makes all the difference.

Top considerations for migrating to IBM Case Manager:

  • Transformation of legacy FileNet objects into associated ICM objects
  • Effective replacement of the BPF user experience to minimize business impact
  • Audit objects, logs, and analyzer data
  • Audit objects, logs, and analyzer data
  • Object security and taxonomy
  • Content and data transformation, verification, and cleanup
  • Enabling new ICM features and capabilities as part of the migration

Interchange reads the BPF Configuration and automatically creates the equivalent ICM Configuration in addition to migrating both open/active cases and closed cases. Interchange can automatically recreate standard BPF user interface constructs in Intellective Unity, dramatically shortening the time to migrate to ICM.

Even if you have, like most BPF customers, heavily customized your BPF instances, Interchange dramatically reduces the time and risk to move to the new platform. Whether your future state is cloud, hybrid or on-prem, Interchange has pre-built connectors to both the legacy and new versions of FileNet and Case Manager.


Unlike many content migration tools, Interchange is designed not just for a technical migration efficiency, but also operational. Interchange can throttle the throughput, migrate select groups of cases or content in phases, and provides full audit capability against any transformation performed.

Intellective has been doing BPF development and migrations for years. Many of our principals created BPF while at FileNet. Our knowledge and experience have helped numerous customers complete complex migrations to the latest IBM P8 platforms.

We offer multiple migration approaches and solutions. We can move you from your BPF UI to IBM Content Navigator, our own Unity application or a customer user experience.

For example, our most common approach minimizes business impact of the migration while creating rapid improvements to the user experience. We complete old cases in the legacy platform via the Unity UI, while new cases are created from the same UI, but in ICM. There is no screen switching or searching for the right system – everything is accessible from one place. Once the legacy case closes, Interchange can move the closed case information over to Alfresco. After all legacy cases complete, the legacy system is retired. This approach virtually eliminates user impact, while enabling a newer experience much sooner in the process.


Intellective migrations always follow a proven methodology to ensure success. But when it comes to migrations, experience is everything. No other company knows how to migrate your legacy solution to ICM better than Intellective.

It is the depth of experience in both the technology and practical business application, that make Intellective the perfect partner for your migration project.

Contact us and let our experts show you how you can migrate to the latest version of IBM FileNet P8 and IBM Case Manager.

For more information on how Intellective can help your company meet its goals, contact one of our migration experts today!

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