Transform Processes and Content

Intellective Interchange is a flexible solution for migrating and transforming objects from one system to another. Interchange migrates documents, images, metadata, database content, workflow objects, cases, and more. Interchange can also export data out of repositories for reports, eDiscovery case assembly, and/or the archiving of inactive content.

Migrate Content and Metadata in Real-Time

Intellective Interchange transforms content as it is moved, allowing migrations directly from older versions of repositories directly to newer versions. Interchange can automate the migration of older workflow applications, such as those built on IBM FileNet Business Process Framework, Documentum xCP, or others directly into IBM Case Manager or Alfresco Process Services. Interchange can even migrate active work items in your workflow application, or trans- form exported objects into the desired format.

Intellective Interchange Performs Migration
in the Background Without User Disruption

Interchange can provide migration and transformation of objects and content between source systems that are also connected to Intellective Unity. When Intellective Interchange is used with Intellective Unity it gives users access to old and new systems as Intellective Interchange migrates content, meta data, cases and other objects from the old to new system without impacting users.

Multipurpose Use of Intellective Interchange

Intellective Interchange is available as a standalone product to bridge third party products or applications or integrated with Intellective Unity. One license provides all the connectors and capabilities you need for your migration needs including:

  • Connecting directly with ECM repositories, file systems, databases and workflow systems.
  • Consolidating ECM repositories, file systems, databases and workflow systems without user inturruption
  • Importing scanned documents and metadata from an out sourced scanning vendor using the file system importer from Alfresco, IBM or other ECM repository.
  • Importing or exporting assets, investigations, legal cases, information and audit inquiries. 
  • Migrating ECM repositories acquired during mergers and acquisitions. 
  • Migrating workflow objects from one workflow engine to another. 
  • Export content on-demand for audit and eDiscovery 
  • Splitting and merging documents. 
  • Parsing file/folder names. 
  • Moving files to backup location
Import and Export

Import and export a wide range of documents, metadata, work- flow cases, and other database objects. Documents can be imported in batches or as single files.


Intellective Interchange serves as a connector to ECM repositories, file systems, databases, and workflow systems.


Transforms content, metadata and cases to match target repository requirements using configurable rules. Also per forms complex transformations on objects, such as metadata and workflow cases.Validate data prior to importing. With Consistency Checker,you can compare and validate content, metadata, and workflows between systems.

Save Time and Money

Reduce the time and cost of conversions, by not having to develop custom conversion processes that will only be used once.

Repository Comparison

Interchange Repository Comparison compares and reports differences between repository class and property definitions.

Reconciliation and Audits

Runtime statistics log records for both reconciliation and auditing.

Leverage Intellective Unity

Intellective Interchange provides migration and transformation of objects transparently using the Intellective Unity platform.