A Technical Overview of Intellective Interchange

Reduce the risk of converting content assets by leveraging a proven product and methodology.

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Seamless Migration Doesn’t Impact Users

Intellective Interchange is a flexible solution for seamlessly migrating all types of objects from one system to another. Interchangemigrates documents, images, metadata, database content, work-flow and case objects and more. Interchange can also export data out of repositories for reports, eDiscovery case assembly, or archive of inactive content.

One-time or On-going Migration From One Repository to Another.

Intellective Interchange transforms content as it is moved, allowing migrations from older repositories such as Documentum, IBMImage Services or IBM ImagePlus directly to newer repositorieslike Alfresco, IBM FileNet Content Manager, or even box. Interchang ecan also migrate older workflow applications, such as those built onIBM FileNet Business Process Framework, Pega, or Documentum xCP, directly to a new system.

Migrate Active Items Without User Disruption

Interchange can even migrate active work items in your workflow application or transform exported content into a new format. Users see the same presentation of content, metadata, and workflow cases as it is being migrated from an old repository to a new one. Intellective Interchange performs the migration in the background without user disruption.

Interchange Components Include:

Importer – to define tasks for migration
Dispatcher– to coordinate different action processors
Action Processors– connect and process different tasks (like metadata or image conversion)
Intellective Interchange Database– is used to store and log Intellective Interchange tasks
Consistency Checker– to validate migration result

Multipurpose Use of Intellective Interchange

Intellective Interchange is available as a standalone product to bridge third party products or applications or integrated with Intellective Unity. One license provides all the connectors and capabilities you need for your migration needs including:

  • Connect directly with ECM repositories, file systems,
    databases and workflow systems.
  • Migrate documents, associated metadata, case and
    workflow objects and data from database
  • Consolidate ECM repositories, file systems, databases
    and workflow systems without user interruption.
  • Import or export assets, investigations, legal cases,
    informationand audit inquiries.
  • Migrate ECM repositories acquired during mergers
    and acquisitions.
  • Migrate workflow objects from one workflow engine
    to another.
  • Retrieve metadata from folder/file names or from
    CSV, XML orExcel files.
  • Ensure all assets were successfully migrated using
    Intellective Interchange’s Consistency Checker.
  • Import scanned documents and metadata from an
    out-source scanning vendor using the file system
    importer from legacy ECM repositories.

Intellective Interchange provides migration and transformation of objects and content between source systems connected to Intellective Unity. Interchange supports adding, extracting, transforming andvalidating documents, business objects and metadata including:


  • Documents, metadata, workflow cases, and other objects
  • Automatically import newly ingested documents in a source repository or documents as they are placed in a monitored location on file shares
  • Import in single documentor batch mode
  • Scalable to support high volume file system imports


  • Export content, metadata, workflow cases

Migration and Consolidation

  • Reduce the operational expenses of owning and operating multiple content repositories.
  • Simplify version upgrades


  • Transforms content, metadata, and cases to match target repository requirements using configurable rules
  • Perform complex transformations on objects such as metadata and workflow cases
  • Export content, metadata, workflow cases


  • Validate data prior to importing and migrating

Consistency Checker

  • Consistency Checker compares and validates content, metadata, and workflows between systems
  • Performs consistency checks to ensure completeness of imports

Repository Comparison

  • Intellective Interchange Repository Checker compares and reports taxonomy differences between Object Stores


  • Intellective Interchange Repository Checker compares and reports taxonomy differences between Object Stores