Professional Services

Today, 70% of the world economy has become services, and this percentage continues to grow worldwide. Intellective offers a full portfolio of technology and strategy professional services, delivered from a variety of locations around the globe. Intellective professionals are recognized leaders in Intelligent Information Management. We design, implement, migrate, and transform businesses, empowering more efficient process and gathering actionable intelligence from information.

Intellective Employees

Our People are Valuable

Intellective operates more than 80% remotely, offering local, global, and virtual teams. Our highly distributed nature enables us to offer the strongest people in their disciplines, not limited by geography.

We don't just offshore pieces of a project; we bring our global members together to solve the problem. Your team may best served with people and skills from North America, European, India... You get the picture.

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Business Transformation Services

Intellective’s primary service offering is Business Transformation Services. - We excel in fixing or improving complex, enterprise, business-focused solutions. To do this, we specialize in resolving process- and content-driven business problems, focusing on realizing the intelligence hidden in your dark data and the efficiency loss in your processes. We have 15 years of experience delivering large-scale, transformative solutions for Enterprise customers.

Recently, we transformed the business operations of one of the largest global Insurers.  We reduced over 200 diverse business processes to under 50, reducing complexity to enable global standardization and facilitate better governance. We cut their time-to-quote for corporate underwriting from days to minutes by improving UX, cleaning data, streamlining the process, and applying transformative thinking to the problem.

Busines Transformation Servics
Application development

Application Development

We are a multi-cultural organization, with developers located in India, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and North America. They all have one thing in common, though - they all love building software on modern toolsets, utilizing both proven and emerging technologies. Our diversity, both technical and societal, enables us to do new and exciting things every day. To achieve this, Intellective is a team built on trust and open communication.

We excel in building applications on Open Source (Kubernetes, Kafka, Solr, Angular JS, TensorFlow, Jasper, Alfresco, etc.) as much as Commercial (IBM, Box, Sencha, AWS, Microsoft, Oracle, OpenText). In many cases, our industry-leading solutions leverage many technologies. We can solve your problems in an all-Java world, .NET, or a combination of the two. We build cloud-ready solutions as much as cloud-first and do it remotely or locally.

IBM Digital Business Automation

Intellective has been implementing IBM DBA software for the past 15 years. We have won numerous Workflow Management Coalition Awards for our solutions on IBM Case Manager and legacy FileNet products. We offer Datacap services in all geographies and across the full product stack. We were the first partner to integrate Watson with Case Management, bringing advanced AI capabilities to the uncertain. One of our customers boasts the largest content repository with billions of objects, extended with Unity for Enterprise Search. We have integrated IBM process and content solutions with most leading CRM, ERP, and Collaboration platforms, such as Salesforce, Peoplesoft, SAP, and Office 365 (including Dynamics). We have even built solutions for IBM themselves. It’s sometimes best to work with the people that “wrote the book,” with Intellective you can work with those that built the product!



Intellective Professional Services

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