Contracts Management Solutions

Creating, updating and executing contracts is a complex and time consuming process involving many departments and personnel. Unity Contracts streamlines this process through structured and collaborative review and approval processes with templated contracts, workflows, and task assignation. Unity Contracts keeps language consistent and current by empowering enterprise wide updates to active contracts. Powered with cognitive analytics, Intellective Unity Contracts improves operational efficiency and streamlines the contracting process.

Assure Compliant Language and Consistent Contracts Process

Ensuring all contracts are compliant with industry and enterprise standards and the latest terms and conditions is vital to any organization. Unity Contracts enables the language to be managed efficiently across all contracts, maintaining consistency and improving the management of the contract process.  Templates for workflows and contracts make it easy to efficiently enforce review processes and better compliance of contract language.

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Collaborative Authoring and Publishing
  • Enable structured contract creation
  • Enforce review and approval cycles
  • Empowers cross-team collaboration
Tracking Changes and Tasks
  • Track all changes within a contract
  • Consistent role task assignation with workflows
  • Enforce consistent review and approval
  • Compare language across your organization
  • Identify trends in contract outcome
  • Discover the makeup of your most sucessful contracts
  • Create, review and approve contracts through collaborative workflows
  • Assign approval process through roles rather than individuals
  • Enforce contract compliance with structured authoring



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