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Here at Intellective, we have a number of partnerships with companies looking to make the experience for customers better. Intellective is nCino’s only technology partner that focuses on integrating nCino with multiple enterprise content management systems. With nCino’s event, nSight 2023, coming up, we wanted to highlight Unity for nCino’s capabilities and support one of our favorite partners! 

We put together a series of videos and blogs exploring Unity for nCino’s capabilities that help create more streamlined workflows, reduce storage costs, and connect your entire repository.  

If you’re interested in watching all the videos at once, click the video below! 

Interested in hearing more about Unity for nCino? Schedule a time at nSight or contact us!

ECM Integration 

nCino’s Document Manager is a fan favorite, so integrating seamlessly with it was at the top of the to-do list for Unity for nCino. Offloader acts as a bridge that will move documents from Salesforce and nCino over to all Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECMs). All of these CMS will generate a unique document ID which will then be transferred back to nCino and associated with a number of individual placeholders and a lower level. This allows Unity for nCino to access content back and forth seamlessly.  

This allows you to: 

  • Reduce storage costs by reducing redundant data.  
  • Freedom of content access. Access nCino content from any nCino or Salesforce pager. As well as access content stored in other repositories from within the Unity for nCino interface.  
  • Unified governance and compliance. Layer security measures to ensure only employees that need to see a document can.  

Advanced Document Viewer 

nCino’s interface allows mass amounts of information, often used by many employees on a team. Because of this it can be hard to search and find exactly the information, and version of it, that you’re looking for. Adding Advanced Document Viewer to Intellective’s Unity for nCino allowed us to make that process even easier.  

The advanced viewer allows users to look closer at documents, annotate, and navigate large amounts of documents faster. We also know that not everyone should be accessing every document. Our advanced viewer works in tandem with our layered security by allowing redaction of documents as well. This allows teams to decide which team members, or customers, can view what level of information.  

The Advanced Document Viewer also allows employees to: 

  • Annotate directly on documents 
  • Highlight in the document 
  • Resize and zoom on documents to get a better picture of the information 
  • View multiple documents at the same time

Unity for nCino adds on to what nCino already does well by making it easier to track down and work on documents. By connecting to multiple repositories outside of nCino, your entire companies’ information is at the fingertips of workers.  

We know in banking customer service is a main concern for branches. Customer experience can dictate return customers, brand loyalty, and referrals thus impacting the bottom line of the business. Unity for nCino keeps all the information you need, where you need it, and easy to access.  

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