Unity for Salesforce

Intellective Unity for Salesforce simplifies and accelerates the integration of Salesforce with your on-premise or cloud-based systems, data, and documents.

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Extend the Salesforce Cloud

The Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) platform is used by over 150,000 companies for core sales, marketing, customer service, and commerce processes. The cloud-based platform significantly speeds up the rollout and management of applications and gives users a consistent, intuitive user experience across tasks and processes. Salesforce is a comprehensive solution, but users often need historical data, documents and analytics from other company systems. They may also need to participate in enterprise workflows. These activities take them out of Salesforce, slow them down, and make them less productive. To minimize activity outside of Salesforce, data, documents and workflows from external systems can be made available in Salesforce, but that integration can be complicated. Intellective Unity for Salesforce simplifies and speeds up the integration of Salesforce with other systems. It extends the Salesforce CRM cloud with unified secure access to documents, data and workflows from existing ERP, BPM, case and content management applications and other systems of record-through configuration, not custom coding, of common services like data sources, enterprise search and security.

Integrate with any Application or Data Source

Unity for Salesforce accelerates the integration of Salesforce with on-premise and cloud-based applications, content repositories and databases from any vendor, ensuring compatibility with current and future systems. Easily configure connections via open standards and APIs like CMIS, JDBC, SQL, Java, REST, web services and URL integration. 
A Force.com add-on installed in the Salesforce environment makes data, documents and workflows from multiple connected systems available to combine and display in grids on Salesforce pages.

Intelligent Enterprise-wide Search

Unity for Salesforce brings intelligent enterprise-wide search to Salesforce. Users securely search content, metadata and application data across multiple on-premise or cloud databases and repositories, without leaving Salesforce. Search capabilities include automated contextual queries based on Salesforce elements like customer, account or case.

With Intellective’ Unity for Salesforce:

  • Rapid Salesforce integration with existing and future on-premise or cloud ERP, case, content management and other line of business systems
  • Associate documents, workflow and data from other systems with Salesforce elements like opportunity and account
  • Display Unity search results, document lists and folders in grids on Salesforce pages 
  • From Salesforce, view, annotate, upload and update documents stored in other content management systems
  • Drag and Drop document upload
  • Reduce costs by leveraging existing document storage instead of buying Salesforce storage
  • Configurable reusable business objects for standard entities aggregate information from multiple systems and repositories outside of Salesforce
  • Role-based document security and field level data security so users see only what they are authorized to see

Hybrid Salesforce Cloud

Extend the Salesforce CRM cloud with data, documents and workflows from on-premise systems and repositories and from other clouds.

Improved File Handling

Improved responsiveness for view and upload of large documents. Documents bypass Salesforce server to eliminate Salesforce file size and governor limits.

Robust Content Services

Enhance Salesforce with full-lifecycle content systems that provide governance and compliance. View, annotate and update documents in multiple content repositories.

Enterprise Class Deployment

Support for cloud, virtualization and highly-available configurations on industry-standard operating systems, servers, storage and networks.


Extend Salesforce with configuration not coding. Unity’s configurable common services like data sources, search, security, and business objects quickly bring enhanced capabilities to Salesforce.

Advanced Security

Unity for Salesforce acts as a proxy, so in-house systems and data aren’t exposed to the internet. Unity supports open security standards like LDAP, JAAS, SAML and OAuth for access to connected systems.

Simplified Integration

Unity for Salesforce provides a simpler way to integrate Salesforce with multiple on-premise and cloud systems and repositories. Easily combine data from multiple sources in Salesforce views.

Mobile Support

Access data, documents and workflows exposed by Unity for Salesforce anywhere and from any device, along with native Salesforce capabilities.


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