Centene Corporation is a large publicly-traded company and a leading multi-line healthcare enterprise that serves as a major intermediary for both government-sponsored and privately-insured health care programs. Centene engaged Intellective for help across their IBM FileNet and Datacap environments. To date, Centene has realized significant improvements in stability, maintainability, end user productivity and cost savings from our work which rearchitected their FileNet and Datacap systems and applications.


  • Lack of stability of the IBM FileNet and Datacap Environments and Applications
  • Need to update to the latest versions of IBM FileNet and Datacap
  • Required deep expertise and best practices around the IBM FileNet and Datacap application environments
  • Need higher availability and disaster recovery capabilities around IBM FileNet and Datacap environments
  • Required broad integration with Medical Claims, Authorizataion and Management solutions with IBM FileNet repositories
  • Wanted to bring VA Claims in house to reduce costs and improve efficiencies


Intellective provided key resources, expertise and best practices to help Centene upgrade their IBM FileNet and Datacap systems, while rearchitecting and implementing changes to the applications to improve stability, end user experience, and efficiency. Intellective consultants have helped Centene across a broad spectrum of solution areas including Medical Claims (both VA and Non-VA), Authorization, Management, and more.


Centene has realized significant improvements in the stability of the IBM FileNet and Datacap environments. Savings of more than $1.5M per month were realized by bringing VA Claims handling in house on IBM Datacap solutions built by Intellective. Additional savings in the future will be realized through a common architecture across Datacap solutions, providing greatly enhanced maintainability.


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