WellPoint is one of the largest health insurance providers in the United States. One of every nine Americans is a member of a WellPoint affiliated health plan. WellPoint leverages IBM FileNet Panagon and P8 technologies to consolidate key content and to drive business processes through automated workflow applications.


  • Consolidation of all structured content repositories to leverage IBM FileNet P8
  • Transition of legacy workflow applications to a standard case framework developed for P8
  • Standardization of base processes across subsidiaries through automation
  • Centralization of Authentication and Authorization techniques for content and process
  • Automation of records and life-cycle management


Intellective, a Vega company, has worked with WellPoint for years planning and transitioning their substantial content management initiatives from Panagon Image Services to FileNet P8. This initiative includes the consolidation of over a dozen subsidiary content management systems and federation of over three billion documents. Intellective has provided key insights into proper planning of such a large undertaking and has assisted WellPoint in the transition process. Clearly, this is a vast undertaking, and Intellective has provided expertise and mentoring to WellPoint through the entire process as trusted partners and acknowledged experts.



Intellective Interchange is a powerful Extract, Transform, and Load utility that enables migrations of any object. It’s powerful architecture and flexible design can be used to migrate content, database information, BPM and Case information and transform it for a new target platform. Read the Interchange whitepaper here...

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Intellective Interchange is a highly flexible tool for Extract, Transform and Load operations. Read more about how this versatile tool can help you migrate and transform objects between repositories, databases, and even BPM/Case systems. Read the Interchange whitepaper here...