Empower your Salesforce Users

Unity for Salesforce extends your applications and data into the Salesforce Cloud.

Unity for Saleforce

Leverage All Your Corporate Repositories

Let us show you how to reduce risk and improve your operations while reducing Salesforce storage costs and leveraging your data like never before.

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Bring Your Corporate Repositories Together with Salesforce

Store files directly from the Salesforce cloud into one or more of your corporate repositories.

  • Keep users engaged in Salesforce when they need information that resides outside of Salesforce
  • Access on-premise or on-cloud repositories
  • Experience a seamless Salesforce interface with consolidated repositories
Utilize One or more Repositories
Leverage your existing data and applications Image

Unite Salesforce users with your existing applications and data

Give your Salesforce users immediate visibility to all your applications and data so they can quickly make informed, customer-focused decisions.

  • Contextually display all your line-of-business data
  • Pull content from BPM and Workflow applications directly into your Salesforce business operations
  • Access on-cloud or on-premise applications

Ensure Compliance and Security

Utilize your corporate ECM system to safely ensure compliance with critical business documents.

  • Collaborate and share files without vulnerabilities
  • Ensure that users interact only with the content and data they’re authorized to use
  • Enforce role-based authentication
Compliance and Security


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