Unity for Salesforce

Extend your applications and data into the Salesforce Cloud with Unity for Salesforce. See a complete view of your customer, no matter where the data lies, safely and securely.

Empower your Salesforce Users

Utilize Intellective Unity to enable your Salesforce users to leverage your corporate repositories and line of business applications and data. Now your Salesforce users can securely access and store content on one or more of your on-premise or on-cloud corporate repositories, or safely utilize data from your line of business applications all in the context of what they are doing in Salesforce. Integrate your existing BPM and Case applications with Salesforce, expanding Salesforce Cases into your enterprise. Let us show you how we can reduce your risk, improve your operations while reducing Salesforce storage costs and leverage your data like never before.

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Utilize one or more corporate repositories
  • Store files directly from the Salesforce cloud into one or more of your corporate repositories
  • View content from one or more repository in the context of the Salesforce operation
  • Utilize on-premise or on-cloud repositories
  • Seamless Salesforce user interface with consolidated repositories
Leverage your existing applications and data
  • Access line of business application data in the Salesforce user interface
  • Contextual display of line of business data
  • Access BPM and Workflow applications directly through the Salesforce user interface
  • On-cloud or on-premise applications
Ensure Compliance and Security
  • Utilize your Corporate ECM to ensure compliance with your corporate documents
  • Ensure security of critical business documents
  • Intellective’s Unity ensures secure display of appropriate content and data
  • Salesforce user level security



Intellective Unity utilizes a single user interface to access all applications and repositories. Bringing all information under one interface, accessable by your end users with zero impact while deploying new technologies. Read the whitepaper here...


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Read more about the technical side of Unity. Discover the underlying technology, security standards, datasource configurations and more. Read the whitepaper here...