Intellective UNITY FOR SALESFORCE quickly integrates Salesforce with one or more enterprise content and workflows systems.

Intellective Unity for Salesforce integrates multiple ECM and BPM applications

Improve Salesforce users’ productivity with Intellective Unity for Salesforce. As industry leaders in integration and digital transformation, we know the headaches that disparate systems and content can cause. Our solution integrates disparate enterprise content and presents it seamlessly in any application including Salesforce. With Intellective Unity for Salesforce, users can seamlessly search for and manage documents, tasks, and data across multiple ECM and BPM systems right from within Salesforce.

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Intellective Unity for Salesforce improves user productivity by:

  • Giving a seamless, rich, and contextual view of your enterprise content and data from within Salesforce.
  • Providing advanced document management, case management, and task processing. No more manually entering data, creating duplicate documents, or wasting time searching for information housed elsewhere.
  • Enabling informed business decisions thru easy to understand and actionable analytics dashboard.
Intellective Unity for Salesforce delivers a single user interface
Search for Salesforce documents with Intellective Unity

Intellective Unity for Salesforce functionality

  • Federated Enterprise Search: Seamlessly search, view, and transact on documents across multiple enterprise content repositories within Salesforce
  • Case and task management: Search, view and transact on case and work items in other workflow management systems right within Salesforce
  • Quick to deploy: Install, configure, and use in no time using the low code-no code integration framework
  • Secure: The framework uses Salesforce security as well as the security framework of the ECMs and BPMs being connected

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Take a quick tour of exactly how Intellective Unity for Salesforce’s architecture connects your content, process, and data to the Salesforce platform.

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From the ability to navigate multiple disparate repositories in a single hierarchy, advanced search, stored search and tagging favorites, read about all the additional capabilities in Intellective Unity.

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Intellective Unity for Salesforce 2.0 released

Intellective, an information technology and consulting organization, today announced that the latest version of Intellective Unity for Salesforce is now available on the Salesforce AppExchange. Now with more integration options, and advanced content management tools. 

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Simplify Salesforce with Intellective Unity

If you love Salesforce’s tracking capabilities, marketing automation, and app development, you’ll love what Intellective Unity for Salesforce adds. Simplified business process management, content aggregation, and actionable analytics all at your fingertips.

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Integrate with nCino fast

By leveraging the Salesforce lightning environment, Intellective Unity for nCino allows easy integration with applications such as nCino. Find all of your financial information when you need it with one streamlined application.

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