Intellective UNITY connects your business application users with multiple repositories, workflow and content management systems.

Intellective Unity works with multiple ECM and BPM applications

As industry leaders in integration and digital transformation, we see every day the challenges companies face with disparate applications and multiple content and workflow management systems. In today’s digital economy, users need to easily access their enterprise content and data regardless of where they are stored. Intellective Unity solves this problem by seamlessly connecting business applications to multiple content and workflow systems, and enabling users to search for and manage documents, tasks, and data across multiple ECM and BPM systems, right from within the business applications.

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Intellective Unity improves user productivity and business decision by providing:

  • A seamless, rich, and contextual view of all enterprise content and data in one place
  • Advanced document management, case management, task processing and universal search across multiple ECM and BPM systems from a single user interface
  • Actionable real-time analytics dashboard based on complete data from all enterprise systems
Intellective Unity integrates with multiple business applications

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Search for data and documents with Intellective Unity

Intellective Unity capabilities

  • Connect CRM systems and business applications to one or more repositories, content, and workflow systems
  • Federated content and workflow management
  • Actionable analytics across multiple content and workflow systems
  • Migrate and transform documents, metadata, and cases between various enterprise systems in real-time.
  • Low code - no code, Cloud enabled framework that is easy to install, configure and customize

United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission integrates with Intellective Unity

Faced with outdated systems for creating, tracking, storing and publishing documents and data related to agency activities the USNRC needed an integration system that worked for them. They turned to Intellective to help create these systems that ultimately lead to better business processes, improved data governance and decreased response times.

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Introducing Intellective Unity

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