We work with our partners to help digitally transform businesses by integrating and modernizing content across multiple ECM/CSP and BPM platforms to improve efficiency, reduce costs and drive business growth.

Partners We Serve


Technology Consulting Companies

Offer specific expertise & solution components to satisfy customer requirements, reduce risk, & drive revenue

ECM/Content Services Providers

Drive software revenue, improve integration capabilities, increase engagement, and stay competitive
Line of Business Programs

Line of Business Software Providers

Expand content services, improve governance, streamline processes, increase subscriptions, and retain active users

Technology/CRM Software Providers

Improve ease of use, extend platform integration, records management & archive, grow customer engagement & user adoption

The Benefits of Partnership

United Unity Pie
Technology Consulting Companies Slice

Technology Consulting Companies: With Intellective Unity, you can drive professional services fees and/or additional user software license revenue for your Technology and CRM partner software platform solutions and your Line of Business (LOB) partner software solutions that will, when deployed, continue to help you retain customers and gain a competitive advantage.

ECM/Content Service Providers slice

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)/Content Services Platform (CSP) and Business Process Management (BPM) software platform providers: Using the Unity integration framework, you can drive additional ECM/CSP & BPM licenses by migrating documents out of a core business application platform, where content storage is expensive, directly into your ECM/CSP, driving more license revenue for you and overall savings for the customer.

Technology Consulting Companies Slice

Line-of-Business Software providers: Leverage Unity's Line of Business integrations with Intellective's federated enterprise search to allow content discovery and access from your software solutions to all major ECMs. You can also grant access to Line of Business created documents that are stored in ECMs to users across the organization with Intellective Unity, including non-Line of Business users.

ECM/Content Service Providers slice

Technology and CRM software platform providers: Our integration framework connects more enterprise systems to your platform, driving adoption from additional departments and adding additional users and license sales. We help make your platform the preferred choice within an organization, moving users from other enterprise systems and silos onto yours.

How We Work Together

Image We establish a framework for meeting customer needs on a timeline, based on technical needs and capabilities, available resources, shared expertise, and the customer’s internal processes.
Business Opportunities We bring proven excellence in combining enterprise content solutions for customers, providing dedicated services including multiple system implementation, integration, migration and upgrades.
Image We help identify existing customers and new prospects with specific enterprise content and business process needs.
Image We help deliver applications and services to our joint customer base through collaboration with your teams, alignment of resources, and coordination of coverage.
Image Our expertise in solution design helps us understand the process of enterprise content solutions development, and the capability to meet customer needs creatively.
Image We deliver research and modeling of expansion opportunities and improve our combined inventory of technical and advisory offerings.
Image Together we can define and design solutions to meet every customer’s needs, based on resources, regions, technical capabilities, and business strategies.

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