Insurance Enterprise Solutions

Intellective has a well-established history of success in the Insurance industry, delivering effective solutions to global clients as well as local insurance providers.

At Intellective, we listen to our clients' unique business challenges and utilize innovative technologies and strategies to help our customers achieve their immediate and long term goals.

Our solutions dramatically enhance underwriting, policy management, claims and reinsurance across insurance lines. Here's a sample of solutions we've deployed in the insurance sector...

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Learn what's new in Intellective Unity

From the ability to navigate multiple disparate repositories in a single hierarchy, advanced search, stored search and tagging favorites, read about all the additional capabilities in Intellective Unity.

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Simplify Salesforce with Intellective Unity

If you love Salesforce’s tracking capabilities, marketing automation, and app development, you’ll love what Intellective Unity for Salesforce adds. Simplified business process management, content aggregation, and actionable analytics all at your fingertips.

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Systems Integration

Intellective can quickly integrate your organization's core applications, CRM's, content and process systems. Our experience and tools will simplify digital integration across your enterprise applications and content systems.

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