UNITY FOR nCINO connects nCino to content management systems, data repositories and workflows.

Unity for Business

Reduce costs, risks, and timelines by archiving content from nCino into the ECM repository of your choice using Intellective’s proven Unity Integration platform. Unity for nCino integrates with nCino’s ECMOffloader to provide the most advanced and trusted means of content archiving to major Content Management Systems (e.g., IBM [FileNet-CMOD-CM8], SharePoint, Box, Alfresco, OpenText, others).

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Unity for nCino Provides:

  • Enhanced governance of content assets and improved records management capabilities
  • Ability to access secured content assets across the organization
  • Reduce the cost of storing content in Salesforce
  • Automatic rules based archive and indexing based on configuration
Unity for nCino
Integrated Access

Integrated Access


Seamless access with Unity between your ECM and nCino environments means users can access archived content in the same manner as non-archived content.  Unity for nCino’s no-code search template can be configured to provide users with a 360-degree view of a customer’s content from nCino or Unity’s own user interface.  Users can securely store, access and act on information across the enterprise.

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Extended metadata creation and indexing

Unity’s Enterprise Index automates the association of content metadata with nCino data, eliminating the need for users to manually copy documents from nCino, Collateral, Loan Product Packages, Relationships, and other sources, into individual Loans.

Unity Enterprise Index for nCino

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