Intellective UNITY FOR nCino connects enterprise content management systems and business process workflows to nCino's Banking Operating System®.

In financial services, you need a 360-degree view of your enterprise content and account data. We partner with nCino, the leader in cloud banking, to deliver search capabilities across Salesforce, nCino and Enterprise Content repositories to reduce cost, risks and timelines. 

You get automated document archive and unified content search, retrieval and management directly from the nCino interface, so you can deliver more financial transactions with far greater efficiency.

Intellective Unity for nCino delivers multiple benefits for financial firms

Unity for nCino helps you

  • Reduce storage cost by archiving content from nCino (Salesforce) to the commercial ECM of your choice.
  • Reduce integration project risks and timelines by leveraging Intellective Unity's No Code integration platform.
  • Integrate with nCino's ECMOffloader to provide the most advanced and trusted means of content archiving to major Enterprise Content Management Systems, including:
  • IBM (FileNet - CMOD - CM8)
  • OpenText
  • SharePoint
  • Box
  • Alfresco
  • Other ECMs

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Unity for nCino Functionality

  • Automated rules-based archiving from nCino to any ECM and indexing platform
  • Seamless Access to Archived Content from nCino's Document Manager
  • Integrated Document Search to access secured content assets across the organization from any application (e.g., nCino, Salesforce, ERP, LOB, etc.)
  • Add or Link Content stored in an ECM to an nCino Document Manager Placeholder
Intellective Unity for nCino allows seamless access to documents
Intellective Unity for nCino integrates with multiple ECM applications

Unity for nCino Benefits

  • Reduces the cost of storing content in Salesforce
  • Reduces integration project costs, risks, and timelines by using proprietary No Code integration framework
  • Leverages your organization's investment in nCino by providing direct access to archived content from Document Manager Placeholders
  • Reduces resource time and effort accessing separate ECM applications to retrieve content critical to the business process
  • Streamlines the process of adding or linking archived content to nCino's Document Manager

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