INTERCHANGE executes seamless migrations with less cost, complexity, and risk

Data transfer

Interchange is a flexible solution for migrating and transforming documents, metadata, and cases between enterprise repositories in real-time, with no user interruptions. With Interchange, you can execute complex, mission-critical migrations on your own schedule with less effort and significantly less risk than traditional migrations.

Interchange is reliable, permanent infrastructure for moving data to where you need it, both for one-off migrations and for continuous flow of content between repositories to meet governance or other business objectives.

Interchange Provides:

  • Lower migration risk via a standard toolset with the ability to move data in the background while your systems are actively used
  • Lower total cost of migration versus writing code or building a custom approach
  • More flexibility of source and target systems with a vendor-agnostic array of standard connectors
  • Fast migrations with a proven high-volume capability to move content as quickly—or as slowly—as your plans dictate
  • A straightforward path to move data off of older content and process systems and onto your modern system of choice
  • A permanent toolkit to direct your flow of data from system to system, allowing you to keep data where it’s needed and then automatically shift to lower-cost or more permanent locations, without interrupting business users

Get Powerful Migration Capabilities:

  • Move data Synchronously and asynchronously
  • Automatic import or migration based on system changes, using powerful rule sets
  • Scale to support high volume of files
  • Import and export a wide range of content in batches or single files
  • Migrate scanned documents, investigations, legal cases, audit inquiries, metadata, and case workflows from a variety of external sources, including CSV, XML, and Excel files
  • Export data out of repositories for reports and eDiscovery case assembly

Work with Your Content, Data, and BPM Systems

Interchange serves as a connector to ECM repositories, file systems, databases, content systems, and workflow systems such as:

  • Documentum
  • Alfresco
  • IBM FileNet P8, Image Services, Content Services, ImagePlus
  • OpenText
  • SharePoint
  • Vignette
  • File systems (shared folders, NAS, SAN)
  • IBM BPM, Case Manager, FileNet BPM, FileNet BPF
  • Red Hat Process Automation Manager, jBPM
  • Databases: Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2

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