Seamless Migrations

Interchange transforms content as it moves from one system to another without slowing down productivity.


We Are Migration Experts

Interchange works dynamically with Unity, allowing users to see the same presentation of content, metadata, and workflow cases during the migration from an old system to a new one. Let us show you how to plan and automate seamless system upgrades that are less costly and dramatically faster than alternative approaches.

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Transforms and Migrates Vast Forms of Content

Transform and Migrate All Your Content and Workflows

Interchange is a flexible solution for migrating and transforming documents, metadata, and cases to ECM repositories in real-time, with no user interruptions.

  • Perform complex migrations of case workflows
  • Transform documents, metadata, and processes using configurable rules to match target repository requirement
  • Migrate content from older repositories, such as Documentum or IBM Image Services, directly to newer repositories, like Alfresco, IBM FileNet Content Manager, and Box

Import and Export Capabilities

Interchange supports the synchronous and asynchronous import and export of a high-volume of data.

  • Synchronous and asynchronous
  • Automatic import based on system changes
  • Import files in batches or as single files
  • Scalable to support high volume of files
  • Import and export a wide range of content in batches or single files
  • Import scanned documents, investigations, legal cases, audit inquiries, metadata, and case workflows from a variety of external sources, including CSV, XML, and Excel files
  • Export data out of repositories for reports and eDiscovery case assembly
Import Export Capabilities
Works with any Content Service Platform

Work with Any Content Services Platform

Connect directly with content repositories, file systems, databases, and workflow systems, such as:

  • Documentum
  • Alfresco
  • IBM FileNet P8, Image Services, Content Services, ImagePlus
  • OpenText
  • SharePoint
  • Vignette
  • File systems (shared folders, NAS, SAN)

Work with Any Data and BPM Platform

Interchange serves as a connector to ECM repositories, file systems, databases, and workflow systems.

  • IBM BPM, Case Manager, FileNet BPM, FileNet BPF
  • Databases: Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2
Works with any Data and BPM Platform

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Interchange is a flexible solution for migrating and transforming documents, images, metadata, database content, workflow objects, cases, and more from one system to another. Read more...