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We’re pleased to announce the general release of Unity 8.82!  

This release makes deploying Unity even easier, with broader support for tools like Solr and OpenLiberty as well as expanded connector features for CMOD and Vignette. Plus, you get deeper audit capabilities when migrating and transforming documents using Unity Interchange. 

Key Features include:  

  • Introduced support for Solr 9.6 and the advanced v2 Solr API.  
  • Added Open Liberty as a core app server option for hosting Unity Components.  
  • Updated CMOD 10.5 repository support for Unity and Unity Intelligence Engine. 
  • Improved Unity Interchange auditing capabilities and handling of Vignette PDF documents. 
  • Improved error and informational messages in Unity for Salesforce. 

Information on Unity version lifecycles is available here.  

To learn more and get access to Unity 8.82, please contact Intellective Support.  

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