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Enterprise software updates can be a huge undertaking for any company, especially for banking. In a world run by money, with software that impacts each and every end user, it is important for a company to have the most seamless and efficient experience.

Furthermore, the complexity of banking software makes it a beast of its own kind. Banking software, like nCino, is used by hundreds of banks, with thousands of branches, and millions of end users. Maintaining and managing a system to this extent, even with just a few branches, can represent one of the largest costs of running a bank.

But what if we could say that we could take the software you already know and love, and make it even better? Create more efficient workflows, quicker search times, and lower storage costs, all from within a singular dashboard that’s easy to use?

Sound too good to be true? Not really. Unity for nCino sits on top of nCino to create this enhanced experience. We’re partners with nCino, working with them to make their favorite customers even happier with the overall experience.

The nCino software you know and love transforms the way financial institutions operate and works with clients such as commercial, small business, and retail banking. They provide a personalized digital experience that covers end-to-end financial journeys. This includes onboarding, opening an account, loan or mortgage origination, and business analytics. With the addition of Unity for nCino, users can now view documents easier, locate duplicate information, use even more detailed insights, and streamline multiple documents into one bundle seamlessly. This results in increased data optimization, increased profits, transparency of processes, regulatory compliance, and all-around happier clients.

So, what exactly does Unity for nCino add to the experience?

Improved annotations

Annotations such as sticky notes, highlights and comments which allow team members to communicate directly on the document. By keeping conversation directly on items, it clears up confusion and speeds up processing times!


Team members can redact sensitive information, saving versions with these new additions. This, on top of your enterprise’s already in place, user-based security means only those who are allowed to see information can access it. Create a safe and secure viewing experience for you and your clients.

Document Merge/Split

Many times in banking, multiple clients need to view and interact with different sections of a document. With Unity for nCino’s advanced PDF merging and splitting you can send just what a client needs to them. No more combing through the entire document to get to what you need. No confusion, only tasks completed.

Already an nCino user but want to create an even faster processing time? That’s where Intellective comes in. We can connect your enterprise and consolidate your working area into one dashboard. Check out our list of integrations. Our tried and tested technologists can link your enterprise together, so you’ll never have to spend time searching multiple repositories for one document.

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