Pros and Cons of Moving to the Cloud

In the last five years, the Cloud-based option has replaced traditional on-site enterprise solutions. Systems like CRM, ERP, ECM, IT Service Management, project management have all been moving to the Cloud.   The Upside of Moving to the Cloud  Why … Read More



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Modernization of Legacy Platforms: Why and How

The Issues with Legacy Platforms  Some companies put a platform or process in place and then leave it there until something causes issues down the line. This process happens in many businesses but modernizing your legacy platforms before they become severely outdated and create problems is the … Read More



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5 Ways to Improve Customer Interactions Within Salesforce

Recent years have steered the insurance and financial service industries in a consistent direction: the need to create positive experiences at every step of the customer journey. As business moves faster, … Read More


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Integrating Salesforce with your Legacy Systems

Application modernization is a top of mind issue in the transformation of a digital enterprise. Years of “point solutions” which solved specific problems and mainframe applications which drove core operations … Read More


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