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Coder Working on Digital Transformation


Digital Transformation is an overarching idea that impacts many aspects of the world in which we live. The idea that a company needs to constantly change and adapt to meet the evolving workspace needs. Unfortunately, because the idea can be vague, this often leads to strategies that are either too ambitious or not succinct enough to make a lasting impact.  

When companies create a digital transformation strategy, with no outside help from specialists, approximately 70% of the initiatives fail. This high rate leads many companies to not even attempt a transformation, and instead sit with legacy applications and disruptive workflows. How can we make a transformation easier? With No-Code/Low-Code options and specialists to make the transition easier.  

Low-Code/No-Code Basics 

If you’re unfamiliar with the idea of No-Code/Low-Code, it simply means that applications can be created and used with little to no coding from the company that is using them daily. The initial coding is done before implementation.  

This set up offers multiple advantages with your current employees. First and foremost is that the learning curve is far less than other solutions. Instead of hiring an entirely new team of developers, you can use this simpler solution to turn your current IT team into developers, which saves on hiring costs, and reduces the time it takes to make a correction. 

Additionally, No-Code/Low-Code solutions improves development speed. Companies can leverage their end-users knowledge of information to create their own interface. Employees can use pre-built templates and click and drag framework to create solutions, without ever having to utilize your current IT team. This alleviates interruptions for your IT team, empowers employees, and speeds up the development time. Overall, this allows teams to develop, implement, and use new solutions on the fly when they need it. No-Code/Low-Code solutions promote agility and adaptability in your workforce.  

Implementing a Solution 

The idea of a No-Code/Low-Code solution is great, but often introducing something new can be daunting and hold back companies from making changes that push them forward. That’s where specialists come in. Here at Intellective, we specialize in helping companies leverage what they already have, and making it better, often with No-Code/Low-Code solutions included. Our Unity framework, specifically our Unity for Dynamics product, does just this.

Teams can configure where they want enterprise content, processes, and data to be surfaced in your apps. This means you can set up your tools to be located wherever makes the most sense for you. You can also connect to any of your enterprise data, and we handle the security. Your data will flow over secure channels without ever leaving the application.  

Implementation is really the important tool. Our experienced and certified technologists use methods that reduce risk and accelerate time to market.  Meaning you not only get your new solution that is easy to use and decreases workflow hang-ups, but you get it quickly with a company that helps you every step of the way. Check out stories of implementation success.

Moving Forward 

Interested in a No-Code/Low-Code option but not using Microsoft Dynamics 365? Intellective’s Unity platform can integrate with many platforms, and we specialize with Salesforce. Contact one of our reps today and see how we can help make your digital transformation easier.

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