Pros and Cons of Moving to the Cloud

In the last five years, the Cloud-based option has replaced traditional on-site enterprise solutions. Systems like CRM, ERP, ECM, IT Service Management, project management have all been moving to the Cloud.   The Upside of Moving to the Cloud  Why … Read More


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Creating Foundational Processes for RPA

Robotic Processes Automation (RPA) is now a very popular term in the world of automation with the promise of eliminating human inefficiencies and inaccuracies.  The sci-fi aspects of RPA also play up the intrigue in utilizing Bots to perform … Read More

Yvonne Watson

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Why Enterprise Tech Means More Time for Strategy

One single enterprise technology solution that provides common business functionality across an entire organization has been the goal of many CIOs for years, as they strive to reduce costs, streamline and standardize their services and architecture, and maintain portfolio consistency. Nowhere is this truer than with Business Process Management (BPM), content services, and data & process analytics systems.


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