Upgrade your IBM Case Manager to the latest Business Automation Workflow (BAW) with Intellective.

Our experts, enabled with years of experience, are addressing the needs of IBM ICM customers in planning and implementing their upgrade. IBM BAW unites processes, data and users to help automate your business workflows whether they are on premises or in the cloud. Upgrade today with our proven integration specialist, gain new insight into your data, and streamline your business workflows.

Intellective experts can help you upgrade your IBM Case Manager (ICM) Enterprise solution to the latest supported Business Automation Workflow (BAW) version.

  • How we do it
    • Our remote technologists complete a pre-upgrade check to give you a holistic view of your current processes and workflows.
    • We will create Upgrade Installation Task list as well as complete project status and completion reports. You will know exactly what’s happening in the process, as it’s happening!
    • Intellective creates an upgrade plan and temporary Infrastructure design for upgrade to keep your current processes seamlessly working.
    • Generate a customer provisioning work list
    • Supply an upgrade checklist spreadsheet, validation cases, and reports.
    • We offer smoke testing BAW + ICN installation per environment to make sure your systems are working perfectly.
    • Lastly, we complete a technical hand off with your team, ensuring complete understanding of new processes!
  • Benefits
    • Lower cost point for upgrading due to tried-and-true experience
    • Higher quality of operational success
    • Shortened upgrade timeframe

Intellective has proudly helped with a variety of businesses, each with unique workflows, processes, applications and platforms. Take a look at how we’ve paired our technology with partners such as Box, IBM, and Microsoft to create custom solutions to solve a variety of business challenges!

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