Digital Transformation

Intellective powers enterprises to transform the way they do business; increasing visibility in processes, providing interactive analytics and faster application deployment. With our single user interface our customers see a reduction in software maintenance costs, while streamlining how they communicate with their customers.

Improve Customer Engagement

Intellective provides end users a holistic view of your customer under a single user interface, no matter the content repository. Keep applications current and deploy new applications without impacting end users productivity, leading to happier customers and an efficient enterprise.
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Deploy Applications Faster
  • Configure applications and datasources quickly with the Configuration Console
  • Accelerate your deployment with Intellective Unity and our Solutions
  • Utilizes Agile methodology to allow shorter time to market
Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Common user interface foundation provides a solution to rip-and-replace
  • Reuse current rules and processes
  • Quickly analyze and improve business processes
  • Security and compliance across all data sources
Seamless Customer Experience
  • Deliver personalized experiences
  • Deploy new applications without end-user disruption
  • Increase employee productivity and customer satisfaction



Provides users the ability to access data within Alfresco in a single, meaningful manner, providing immediate improvements in efficiency and accuracy of decision-making. Read the whitepaper here...


Read more about the technical side of Unity. Discover the underlying technology, security standards, datasource configurations and more. Read the whitepaper here...


Intellective and one of our clients, the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission is recognized by the Workflow Management Coalition for Excellence in Adaptive Case Management. In fact, the U.S. NRC was not only awarded best government submission, but received best overall submission of 2015 across all industries worldwide! Read the whitepaper here...