Conquer content sprawl with Intellective Unity and MICROSOFT POWER APPS

True case management

Bring true case management and enterprise content services to your Power Apps with Intellective Unity. It connects to most major case management systems and content repositories, and associates content from any enterprise content store into cases on your preferred platform. You can also embed and transact on cases across multiple case management systems.

With Intellective Unity and Power Apps, you'll get full case management within complex task tracking, workflow, reporting, and more.

Unity for Power AppsUnity for Power Apps

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Search for Salesforce documents with Intellective UnityIntellective Unity for Salesforce document managementIntellective Unity for Salesforce document management

Full content services and collaboration

  • Use Intellective Unity content services or connect to most major Full enterprise content services providers including SharePoint
  • Search using a single seamless view of content from multiple different systems using federated enterprise search
  • Users can add, modify, transact, and collaborate fully on documents from their preferred application
  • Easily connect repositories and configure user experiences from a low-code no-code interface

Rapidly integrate and deploy

Intellective Unity helps you avoid custom build and unfamiliar technologies, so you can leverage your in-house Microsoft IT teams and investments. You get a true enterprise 360 view from departmental to line of business.

Solutions for various business problems

Intellective Unity with Power Apps helps you solve various business problems in government, insurance, healthcare, and banking. With our cloud based, no-code/low-code deployment, you can modernize business applications and enterprise content systems, more easily migrate content to SharePoint, and migrate complex business logic and workflows to custom applications.

With Intellective Unity and Power Apps, you’ll maximize your digital transformation and conquer content sprawl.

Unity for Power AppsCreate cases in Dynamics CRM with Intellective UnityCreate cases in Dynamics CRM with Intellective Unity

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