How Unity for nCino works

Unity can connect nCino to multiple content management systems, data repositories and workflows.

Reduce costs, risks and timelines by archiving content from nCino using Intellective’s proven Unity Integration platform. Unity integrates with nCino’s ECMOffloader to provide the most advanced and trusted means of content archiving, with connectors to major Content Management Systems (e.g., IBM [FileNet-CMOD-CM8], SharePoint, Box, Alfresco, OpenText and others).

Unity for nCino Can:
  • Automatically archive documents from nCino (Salesforce) to choice of ECMs.
  • Offer a seamless, rich, and contextual view of your enterprise content in nCino document management while archived across your enterprise content solutions.
  • Inform business decisions based on complete data from all your enterprise systems and applications.
  • Improve business KPIs via process automation and insights.
Unity for nCino
Archiving content infographic

Archiving content from nCino (Salesforce) to ECMs.

  • Leverage Unity’s nCino integration with Intellective’s cross enterprise search to allow content discovery and access from nCino(Salesforce) to all major ECMs.
  • Reduce project timelines, cost and risk using a proven versatile integration solution.
  • Grant access to nCino created documents that are stored in ECMs to users across the organization with Unity, including non-nCino as well as non-Salesforce users.
  • Increase governance, compliance and general records management capabilities.
  • Reduce the cost of storing content in Salesforce.

Access Archived nCino Content

  • Access archived content assets from anywhere, in Salesforce or other applications (ERP, LOB, etc) to provide customer service and account representatives a powerful 360-degree view of account content.
  • Improve customer experience, by accessing existing archived content and linking to nCino Doc Manager Placeholders.
Archiving content infographic

Utilize Content Metadata

Your Account Data is constantly changing, however most Financial Organizations have limited flexibility with their Content Management systems, with inadequate capabilities to updated metadata in real time.

Unity for nCino provides the capability to dynamically update Content Metadata, which is then used to accurately search and locate content, based on Dynamic Account Data Feeds.

With Unity for nCino as customers, accounts, agreements and collateral change,the related data is discovered and utilized to update the Content Metadata in Unity’s Enterprise Index to allow the organization to locate content based on an accurate dynamic and extended set of metadata.

Content metadata use infographic

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