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IBM Think 2020 Goes Digital

In a world where Covid-19 has turned events and gatherings of any type obsolete, it was refreshing to see IBM and the tech world come together to make something as iconic as IBM Think 2020 happen. Intellective attended IBM think from May 5th-May 6th of 2020 (virtually, of course), marking our 11th  year in attendance. As an IBM Partner, it is important to us to support IBM and keep up to date on all of the trends in the technology, healthcare, and data sectors.  

With all of the dramatic changes that this year has brought, it is no surprise that digital transformation, and a global pandemic response touched all of the sessions. There was a significant focus on keeping your transforming workforce happy and safe, as well as leveraging the data we already have to make the inevitable digital transformation easier.  

Intellective took to video to help keep people updated, not only on what the sessions entailed but on our thoughts for the subjects. As leaders in digital transformation, and a largely remote company, we have plenty of experience in the main takeaways of Think 2020.   

Two Key Takeaways:

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud was the topic for many sessions, and for a good reason. This solution takes something we hear of quite often, but not every company utilizes, and turns it on its head.  

What is Hybrid Cloud? A simple definition is that hybrid cloud is a combination of one, or multiple public cloud providers, pairing with a private cloud platform. That cloud platform is usually designed to be used by a single company. These two parts are operating independently, but communicating over an encrypted connecting. This allows companies to leverage the security of a private cloud but using the computing resources of a public cloud interface.  

While some companies have a hybrid cloud solution that works even more seamlessly, they are far and few between. Many of the speakers at IBM Think propose that this solution may be one of the future-allowing companies to leverage the ‘on-demand’ wave. You tell us; If your company is considering moving to the cloud, is this solution something you think would work for your business?  


One of the keynote sessions at this virtual event was titled “Act, Don’t React: How AI and Automation Will Change the Way You Work“ and laid a solid foundation for the importance of AI and Automation in the coming years. The main takeaway being what Covid-19 has taught us all, we must be ready for anything, and have quick solutions to serve our consumers better.  

Speaker Rob Thomas noted that “he didn’t think that the Pandemic would be truly changing businesses, rather accelerating necessary changes that would have happened anyway.” He also highlighted IBM’s use of their Application Watson with clients to help them leverage their already existing technology, while being able to better utilize and automate it so they can serve customers, and in some cases, employees more efficiently. 

So in the end, AI is here to stay, and it’s here to allow companies to do what they do best, faster. Automation solutions are focusing on using data more efficiently, and in predictive ways to help customers reach solutions to their own problems, faster.  You can watch the replay of the Keynote here. 

If you missed Think 2020, not to worry! Follow Intellective on LinkedIn for more recap videos and articles, or watch sessions for yourself with the IBM Think 2020 On Demand Sessions

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