Microsoft Dynamics is targeting YOUR accounts. Intellective has the solution to solidify and grow IBM's presence:

  1. Quickly increase your CloudPak IBM FileNet and Business Automation Workflow licenses
  2. Increase the importance of IBM Content Management and Workflow outside of Dynamics
  3. Modernize your customers' operations by moving them to CloudPak
  4. Make IBM “sticky” against competing ECM platforms with current customers

Unite your customer's Dynamics 365 users with BAW and IBM content Management


Unity for Dynamics empowers users to seamlessly search for and manage documents, tasks, and data across multiple ECM and BPM systems, whether on-premises or cloud, right from within Dynamics. The solution integrates out of the box, allowing you to access and manipulate documents and data, manage cases, and process tasks directly from Dynamics .

For Customers, Unity for Dynamics Provides:

  • A seamless, rich, and contextual view of your enterprise data from within Dynamics
  • Advanced document management, case management, and task processing
  • Enhanced Dynamics user engagement and productivity
  • Informed business decisions based on complete data from all your systems
  • Improved business KPIs via process automation and insights
Unity For DyanmicsCase Create - Unity for Dynamics
Unity for DynamicsUnity For Dynamics

Unity for Dynamics Implements Quickly, Reduces Costs, and Improves Data Security:

  • Simple to use: Enjoy a truly seamless experience within Dynamics
  • Quick to deploy: Design UI and make it available in less than an hour
  • Secure: Use role-based security combined with your in-house authentication to ensure appropriate access to content and systems
  • Reduce costs access and transact on data and documents from the source

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