Amoco is a major global producer of petroleum and chemical products, was deploying SAP financials beyond its fabrics and fibers division to the enterprise. Amoco engaged Intellective to research content management solutions as a back-office application supporting a company-wide SAP implementation to ensure such a deployment could support the planned 5,000 plus users. Working through our partners in IBM FileNet Lab Services (IBMLS) Intellective was able to leverage our knowledge of SAP and FileNet to provide a practical implementation path and content management solution to Amoco.


  • Enterprise strength content management as a component of SAP (using SAP Doc Warehouse)
  • Geographic distribution of data to multiple sites including distributed capture and indexing
  • Analysis of core licensing and growth models as part of total cost of ownership
  • Automation of records linking and management
  • Conversion of existing content into Panagon, and intelligent linking to SAP transactions


Intellective provided key resources with insight into both SAP financials and the petroleum industry while leveraging a mixture of customer and off-shore resources providing Amoco with the highest return on investment with minimal risk. As well, we left our customer better able to autonomously support their ECM systems after implementation.


Amoco is realizing a substantial return on investment from their implementation of SAP and FileNet. Overall costs, as directly related to FileNet, including core applications and services were approximately $2.2M USD over a period of 1.5 years.

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