SunTrust Banks was confronted with multiple content and process management systems constructed on several OEM platforms. Each platform supported one or more critical line-of-business applications. The bank’s ability to provide access to accurate data and content across systems was dramatically impaired. Costs to support or extend the systems had increased substantially over time.

After researching options, SunTrust chose Intellective Unity to rapidly consolidate data and content access. Unity provides single-point, centrally managed, scalable access to half a dozen content and process platforms within the bank. Leveraging the depth of expertise provided by Intellective, and Unity tools, SunTrust created an effective services architecture approach to content and process management.

Having experienced dramatic success with deployment of Unity both as a presentation layer and as a consolidation technology SunTrust is now consolidating platforms. As part of this consolidation several legacy platforms are being eliminated, reducing maintenance costs. SunTrust is now able to aggressively pursue a cloud-based ECM strategy.

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