SunTrust needed to consolidate multiple content and process systems as well as streamline multiple cumbersome document capture systems. They turned to Intellective to devise and implement a solution to this daunting challenge.

SunTrust Bank is one of the nation's leading financial services holding companies with total assets of over $216 billion. SunTrust provides deposit, credit, trust and investment services to a broad range of retail, business and institutional clients and is based in Atlanta, Georgia with more than 1,400 retail branches and 2,212 ATMs.

SunTrust was faced with a myriad of departmental solutions, content and process systems, and capture technology and processes. The resulting inefficiencies negatively impacted client experience while increasing maintenance costs, system down times, and procedural errors.

SunTrust wanted to provide standardized feature-rich access to all data and content across the enterprise with a focus on improving customer experience, reducing costs, and eventually consolidating disparate

SunTrust chose Intellective Unity to solve these issues
and establish a foundation for the future. As a result, Suntrust has consolidated to a single content platform, implemented a consolidated capture process, and provides a standard feature-rich user experience across their enterprise.

This resulted in significant savings through increased efficiency and consolidation of disparate platforms, as well as dramatically improving customer experience throughout the bank.

"Unity allowed SunTrust to provide immediate integration and a sleek modern interface to a dozen aging legacy systems. This in turn allowed us to consolidate and eliminate those platforms with no impact to daily business operations. Without Intellective this transformative process could never have been achieved." -Scott Os, SunTrust Enterprise Architect

SunTrust Bank utilizes the Intellective Unity Suite to instantly integrate their legacy systems, migrate content and data, and eventually consolidate systems, eliminating half a dozen legacy platforms. Unity provided rapid integration and an intuitive, configurable user experience, providing a modern, secure, contextual, 360 degree view of Suntrust clients.

SunTrust leveraged Unity for the following capabilities:
• Instant Integration to Line-of-Business Systems
• High Performance Query of multiple source systems
• Unity Intelligence Engine consolidated insights
across all systems and repositories
• Unified interface to access documents and data across all repositories, providing a 360 degree consolidated view of client business relationships
• User interface integration with other portals and web applications such as Salesforce to reduce storage costs
• Unity Interchange for migration of live Business Process information and to Import documents to repositories from service bureaus, MFDs, and in-house scanned and capture solutions.

Today, SunTrust is realizing its five year vision and saving millions of dollars each year in storage, compliance, and support costs, while reducing ECM Solution Deployment time and costs by 40%. The extremely flexible and configurable Intellective Unity’s contextual roll-based user interface, together with its other features, allows SunTrust to deliver a consistent, intuitive interface for access to all content and data across the enterprise.

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