Migration and Upgrade Tools, Approach, and Platforms Supported

Whether your company needs to upgrade a system or migrate to a new platform, the experience needs to be carefully planned, well-executed, and seamless to your business. This is where experience matters. Intellective has performed hundreds of successful platform upgrades and can help you with your migrations or upgrades needs.

We start by doing a detailed analysis to ensure every facet of the current and target state are clearly understood. Our experience allows us to foresee challenges, set step-by-step goals, and provide real-world estimates and timelines for completion of the work.

Where necessary, our team brings to bear powerful tools that can speed migrations, transform and correct data and architecture, and even provide 100% system up-time during a full production migration.

One of our tools in the Unity suite of products is Interchange. Interchange is a seamless and flexible tool for migrating documents, images, metadata, database content, workflow objects and cases from one system to another.

Content and Process Systems we support are IBM Content and Case Manager, Box, Alfresco, Documentum, jBPM, MS SharePoint and other CMIS compliant systems.