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Gain insight, take immediate action

Intellective Unity’s Analytics Dashboard provides a rich analytics view of your business processes by the metrics you care about: SLA performance, work queue depth and processing, work items and cases split by any facet, and more.

Filter, view, modify, and process real-time case and work items through an interactive dashboard.

Work differently with visual process management
Create a dashboard that fits your business case and use it to manage or process work. Departmental managers can see a real-time or historical overview of current work performance, and reassign or pick up work as needed. Workers can use visual tools like faceted charts and histograms to understand and select work more efficiently.

Drill down to discover
Intellective Unity’s Analytics Dashboard is fed by our high-performance analytics index, creating dependent facets from your data. You click on a facet to see how data is related. Using the dashboard’s visualizations, you can identify the events and relationships that are affecting your business flow, identifying threats to SLA performance, areas requiring more focus or workers, or opportunities for automating with Digital Workers.

Configure multiple views for different use cases
Quickly configure multiple dashboards for different audiences, with role-based security to ensure your workers are using the right view. As your business changes, quickly modify the dashboard to add new facets or visualizations.

Historical or immediate

Intellective Unity’s Analytics Dashboard can show the current status of your cases and work items right now, or where they were yesterday, a week ago, a year ago, or further.

Broaden your view of your data

Intellective Unity’s Analytics Dashboard can provide an analytics view of any structured data. Work with data for documents, records, customer data, historical events, and more. Build the view you need to keep business moving, with the ability to drill down and take action on the data and entities you’re working with.

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