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Before doing a major overhaul on your business processes, and connecting your ECM/BPM and CRM solutions, it’s important to think through what that will look like for you. Our Unity products (Unity, Unity for Salesforce, and Unity for Dynamics 365) offer a one stop shop for your enterprise data, along with easy-to-read analytics, and enhanced data security. Our global team of technologists are always here to help you get started, but here are some talking points to discuss with your team! 

Having an ‘digital transformation checklist’ ensures that you and your team have thought through all of the moving parts that go into an integration, migration, implementation, or complete digital transformation project. Here at Intellective we find that clients who have a holistic view of what they need, complete their project on a tighter timeline, and reach their goals easier.

1) Where does your content live? 

Think about where your content lives: not just the main content systems, but collaboration applications like Box/SharePoint, line of business apps where users store documents, file shares, email, etc. Ask yourself where each type of content lives, and how often those documents are needed on a daily basis. This gives you a map of what needs to be connected.

Unity can help you tie all of these together into one 360 view but you need to get a ground-level view of how your users are using documents.  While Unity connects with many major CRMs, it’s important to have an overarching idea of what all needs to be connected. Intellective also offers custom solutions, if your set up is more complicated. 

2) Who uses that content? 

Obviously, once you know what content you are connecting, you’ll need to know who needs access to it. Our seamless connector not only allows you to pull information from all over your enterprise, but allows you to see who has been accessing it.

Have a list of teams ready before your Unity deployment and our team can set data security protocols, which allow only those that need to see information to have access to it. You may find as you grow into your new enterprise connector, that more people need information than you originally thought. That’s fine! Our low code/no code dashboard set ups means you can tweak the setup with no assistance from the IT team.  

3) How is the work done?  

No matter how smooth a team runs, there inevitably are differences in how someone approaches work. Take a look at how your team actually processes your most common procedures. Do users use a case or workflow system? Is ALL of their process covered by that system, or do tasks include other systems and integration points?  

Unity can give you the full picture of your case and workflow processing, including current and historical data and the ability to process right from an analytics view. This often means teams can improve their workflows with these new tools and determine where common bottlenecks are.  Intellective can help with this too: we’ve done business process reengineering and digital transformation for over fifteen years. 

4) Do you have any major players to connect?  

Here at Intellective we proudly offer versions of Unity that cater right to certain platforms. Unity for Salesforce and Unity for Dynamics 365 offer specific connectors that may make a transition easier for your company. We have multiple new versions coming in 2021, so make sure to Contact Us for more information.  

With any of our Unity products, it’s important to remember that you’re not alone. Intellective, and our team of engineers, are well versed in setting up business workflows, performing audits, and making edits along the way to fit your custom needs. No question is too small, and no project is too big! With experience in government, finance, healthcare and many other sectors, we’re sure we’ve seen it all.  

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