Automate complex migrations

Westpac Bank is a long time Intellective client leveraging both an in-house case management solution and IBM Business Process Framework. Westpac has long relied on Intellective's unparalleled experience in case management and IBM content management to design, customize, and deploy solutions. When Westpac was interested in migrating to IBM Advanced Case Management, they chose Intellective to create a migration strategy. With multiple complex systems, integrations and in-flight objects to migrate, careful planning was in order.

Using Intellective Interchange and deep knowledge of IBMs case management platforms Westpac and Intellective were able to design an automated migration process. When the process was executed the migration was successful with no exception items. Its hard to argue with experience and tools that work perfectly.

Westpac has made substantial progress into a migration from their legacy case management solutions. Intellective looks forward to future successes with our colleagues at Westpac.

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