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Managing Content in Wealth Management

In wealth management, everything happens at light speed. This is true for constantly-shifting market data, customer account details, and the digital experience. If your organization is responsible for delivering an online solution for wealth management on a number of digital content platforms, or you provide technology services for financial firms, you know that rapid access to content is the key to delivering a smooth user experience.

Once upon a time, only the internal brokerage team needed access to account content and market data. Those days are long over. Individual financial customers can now access up-to-the-minute data regarding various asset classes, valuations, and portfolio products.

This requires a speedy document management interface and rock-solid integration with multiple data storage platforms.

Meeting Expectations

Let’s dive into the needs of the customer. When they log into a brokerage tool, it displays data and related content stored in several locations. These storage platforms hold valuation details, conversion rates, prospectus content, growth metrics, and industry news, as well as allocation ratios and other calculations.

All of these content repositories offer a different breed of connectivity mechanism, with varied technological traits. Even with the right technical expertise, managing and maintaining an immediate connected experience can be an enormous challenge. That takes partnership.

You should look for these attributes in a Microsoft Dynamics technology provider: 

  • Experience: The people at an organization are important in the value they bring through understanding of multiple platforms. In addition, the company should be able to demonstrate richly-detailed knowledge of past projects involving deployment of the integrated platforms your client is using or intends to use.
  • Service Excellence: Through this experience, the provider should be able to manage multiple client relationships by maintaining a comprehensive history of customer interactions and needs, which helps to personalize interactions, providing a higher level of service. 
  • Operational Leadership: A technology partner combines their experience and service background to streamline technology platforms, building the capability to track and analyze prior solutions, and identify problem areas before they arise. 
  • Solutions Development: The right partner not only provides consultative guidance for enterprise content management, but can build a technology framework that integrates multiple solutions, combining them into a complete content management system.

As a provider of technology services related to Microsoft Dynamics 365, your organization needs to surround itself with partners who have the experience and solutions to meet the multiple attributes of countless ECM and BPM platforms.

Expertise is Critical

Intellective offers the expertise with multiple ECM platforms that connect with Dynamics, to deliver a smooth, seamless user experience within the financial industry. Your customers maintain several interface options for individual investors and brokerage professionals, from IBM, Box, OpenText, Hyland Alfresco, and more.

This technical expertise is supported by Intellective Unity, which integrates Dynamics with these ECM and BPM platforms to allow comprehensive search capabilities that can support end customers’ needs and drive cross sell opportunities in wealth management.

The vital role of content in finance and banking world has completely changed. Bridging content across the front office and the back office is critical to streamlining the leading process and optimizing the cross sell from lending, deposit operations and wealth management.

Contact us to learn more about Intellective Unity for Dynamics and how it can enhance the delivery of wealth management services. or Contact Intellective Today

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