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In homebuying, timing is everything. Whether you’re the seller, the buyer, a broker or the financial institution, the faster you can compile and import the appropriate loan application documents, verify the applicant’s income and credit and calculate the debt-to-income ratios, the faster you can make a decision on the approval and funding of the loan.

For banking organizations managing the loan application, origination, underwriting and closing process using multiple content management, storage and workflow management platforms, and the technology operations staff supporting them, this means having the ability to connect and search across several content repositories is more important than ever. The faster content can be searched, displayed, and processed; the more competitive advantage banking organizations will be.

In order to manage the end-to-end loan origination to servicing process, banking organizations typically utilize an CRM solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics and/or similar solutions and back-end banking lending platforms. Having more than one “system of record” can create inefficiencies, increase cost of processing the loan and in some cases, discourage the applicant because the application and approval process takes too long thus increasing the abandonment rates. In addition, having more than one platform creates additional inefficiencies, such as: 

  • Different departments within a bank may rely on different tools to manage documents and data  
  • Some platforms are hosted in-house, while others are maintained in the cloud, or in a hybrid scenario
  • Different teams allow different levels of access to these platforms, creating bottlenecks when access needs converge in one department  
  • Legal requirements may differ between states, causing regional branches to favor one platform or another  
  • Market conditions vary across the country, which means a process for meeting deadlines in one region may not be adequate elsewhere  

Succeeding in today’s competitive banking market starts with content, the lifeblood that fuels critical processes across front-office and back-office operations. Not only is the content critical, but it also depends on how you manage that content. But tackling complexity does not happen overnight.

The vital role of content in the banking world has completely changed. Bridging content across the front office and the back office is critical to streamlining the lead process and optimizing the cross sell from lending, deposit operations and wealth management.

Intellective Unity’s approach involves accessing all content via a federated search across all ECM and BPM systems from CRM systems such as Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, or other third-party line of business applications business applications such as nCino that reach out to the major ECM providers such as IBM FileNet, MS SharePoint, Opentext, BOX, Alfresco and others. The ability and speed of finding stored content such as pay stubs, tax returns, bank statements, investment and brokerage accounts info, purchase and sales agreements, legal documents, etc, and making decisions based on that content, will only enhance the financial institution’s ability to close loans faster and be more profitable.

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