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We’re pleased to announce the general release of Unity 8.81! 

This release adds exciting new features that bring greater clarity and control to content across your organization, including: 

  • Track, manage, and process work across your business use cases, entirely within Unity, without the need for a separate case management tool. 
  • Quickly find documents and information related to your nCino loans, from any location: any Doc Man, any offloaded documents, or any other backend system. 
  • Migrate content safely from legacy systems to your ideal future platforms, transforming and infusing it along the way with crucial business information. 
  • New deployment options and packaging improvements to make using and maintaining Unity easier. 
  • And more! 

In 2024 Unity will see exciting changes that will keep Unity at the forefront of technological innovations. Unity will see improvements across the board to user experience and UI technology, enhancements related to cutting edge AI/ML technologies, and new options for integrating Unity into your critical business systems and repositories. 

The following whitepapers were released with 8.81: 

The following deprecations/removals were added with 8.81: 

  • Solr 8.11.x and earlier versions (including legacy Lucene usage) for UIE are marked as deprecated, to be superseded by Solr 9.x and later 
  • UCM architecture and jBPM/PAM are deprecated, to be superseded by the improved Unity Case features introduced in 8.81 
  • ExtJS framework UI components are deprecated, to be superseded by alternate modern JavaScript technologies (see Unity and Content Security Policy whitepaper) 

Information on Unity version lifecycles is available here

To learn more and get access to Unity 8.81, please contact Intellective Support

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