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We’re pleased to announce the general release of Unity 8.81.1!  

This release introduces our new next-generation UI experience, and a ton of features and fixes to keep your information flowing smoothly:  

  • Search and work with documents in a next-generation React UI experience. 
  • Reduce the cost and risk of migrating documents to, from, or in between IBM content systems with expanded IBM connector support in Interchange. 
  • Simplify your architecture with relational DB support for Interchange and our nCino Integration Service. 
  • Stay current with a host of security updates, library version bumps, and fixes across all Unity components. 
  • And more!  

The following deprecations/removals were made in 8.81.1:  

  • Usage of Kafka for Interchange and the nCino integration service is now deprecated, to be superseded by the new (and easier to maintain) relational database support. 
  • Unity Secure Bridge has been removed from out of the box product support, in favor of our standard Identity Provider (IdP) integration. For more complex security scenarios, please contact Intellective Professional Services to evaluate additional options. 

Information on Unity version lifecycles is available here.  

To learn more and get access to Unity 8.81.1, please contact Intellective Support.  

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