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Have you ever read an unfavorable tweet about your company’s customer service? Did it elevate your heart rate when you realized it was a negative recount of the experience? Was your customer lamenting about the lack of information, the speed of response, and overall misalignment with their needs? As a consulting organization, we learned long ago that exemplary service is a crucial factor for retaining valued customers. Exceptional service is based on comprehensive knowledge of the customer including their needs, concerns, and pain points. One of the most effective ways to improve your customer relationships is by making every touchpoint an outstanding experience. Leverage your partnership history to cater to their needs to demonstrate that you are actively listening to your customer in every encounter. Negative experiences often begin when customers feel their requests are not understood, requirements are not heard, or worse, the perception that you do not care.

Many organizations make significant investments in cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software to improve customer service and visibility. The challenge is that many critical pieces of customer data are stored in legacy, on-premise enterprise repositories. Customer representatives, the faces of the organization, are often unable to access customer information outside of the CRM system. Additionally, back-office processes are only accessible from stand-alone, legacy user interfaces in which actions cannot be taken from the CRM interface. Without an adequate view of crucial customer information, representatives are often limited to how quickly they can take care of the customer which may lead to unsatisfying customer experiences.

According to Salesforce, the leading provider of CRM software, “The modern customer is looking for a personalized, unified 1-to-1 journey.” Today’s customers want to feel that the provider is proactive in anticipating their needs, capable of satisfying their requirements, and committed to improving the overall experience. Empowering customer-facing teams with the ability to quickly access customer information to respond to customer requests in real-time is very powerful in enhancing the customer experience. Imagine having a full view of the customer at your fingertips without concern over where content and data are stored. Imagine answering every inquiry with up to the minute status. Imagine satisfying every customer at every encounter. Now let’s make it a reality. Contact Intellective to transform your customer experience.