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The Issues with Legacy Platforms 

Some companies put a platform or process in place and then leave it there until something causes issues down the line. This process happens in many businesses but modernizing your legacy platforms before they become severely outdated and create problems is the smarter way to go! 

One huge issue with legacy platforms is that the older they become, the less efficiently they can adopt changing business needs. Additionally, as your workforce adapts to keep up with new technological demands, you may find your company does not have the internal resources to run and maintain the legacy applications, nor unable to create connections for it with more modern approaches.  

Older platforms may have been state of the art at the time they were implemented, but are now lacking in many areas. Legacy platforms may be difficult to support and maintain due to years of enhancements and changes in knowledgeable staff. Because of this it may be difficult to integrate new processes due to traditional monolithic and closed off architectures. Modernizing can be done through several strategies and can fix problems such as workflow issues, data access, and lack of mobile access as well.   

By modernizing your technology you can increase productivity, streamline business processes, and decrease paper-intensive inefficiencies. As data governance regulations develop, it’s important to keep a close eye on who is using or editing  within the data and files your company owns.  

Data access becomes increasingly important as a company outsources content management to multiple repositories. Knowing where data is located and who is accessing it are some of the main concerns you may have. By updating your current system to ‘talk’ with other systems, you can better use the information you have. Platforms such as Intellective’s Unity allow you to access data from all of your content repositories and package it into one streamlined dashboard.  

Options for Modernization  

There are many options for modernizing legacy platforms, and knowing which one will work for your company can sometimes be confusing.  

Many platforms have newer versions available, but your company may not have made the switch yet. This is arguably the easiest solution to keeping your data up to date. You may also find new connections with other platforms that allow a more natural interaction and a more streamline work process for your employees.  

Migration is the next option when it comes to modernizing legacy solutions, and it is what most people think of when they hear the term ‘digital transformation’. Don’t be afraid of the jargon, migration can be a very simple process!  

At Intellective we specialize in offering unique migration solutions based on your current situation. Our product, Interchange, works with your current data repository to move data to a new solution without losing any valuable working time. By automating the migration service, you can worry less and keep business as usual without losing any productivity.  We also provide consultation services if your case is a bit more complicated, creating new solutions to add to your current technology stack, or building APIs to data repositories to work more seamlessly between departments.  

Successful Examples

Intellective, a Vega company, is a proud partner of many companies which are pillars in the digital transformation community. Our team members, and product solutions, work hand in hand with IBM, Box, Alfresco and many other solutions, which allow us to help you no matter your current situation. 

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission is a great example of our ability to create solutions no matter how far or wide the content is spread. The USNRC had a content management system in place that was not only sprawling, but very customized, making it complicated to consolidate and streamline workflow processes. Using our own technology, along with IBM solutions, we were able to create one of the most advanced IBM Case Manager solutions for the government agency. This became such a glowing example of streamlining workflows that in 2015 the USNRC was recognized by the Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC), for excellence in Adaptive Case Management. 

So, let Intellective take a look at your current legacy platform situation and guide you to a customized solution. Modernizing your legacy platforms through updates, or migration may be the answer your company is looking for. Contact one of our team members at Intellectiveto walk you through which option can help your business run more efficiently. 

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