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At Intellective, we are proud to work with some amazing clients, providing custom solutions to help streamline processes. One of the cases was helping the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Recently our VP of Services, Jana Kruger, spoke about the process we went through with the NRC. If you’d rather listen to Jana chat about our expertise and process innovation, click here or read ahead for some key takeaways!

USNRC and Intellective

We help NRC meet their objectives, which in this case is a more informed workforce, by automating their operations, improving productivity and decision making based on analytics, then, of course NRC is data security, regulatory compliance and risk reduction. Those are just some of the operational objectives that we’ve helped them implement over the many years we’ve worked with them.  The NRC has tons of complex business processes; they oversee over 104 domestic nuclear power plants and have thousands of licensees for the use of nuclear materials so they have crucial document management and v highly regulated processes. One of the things we keep hearing from them and their business users is that communication and collaboration is crucial for their operations, and you all probably know that within your own businesses and organizations that having  good communication is critical.

“Now miscommunication can also trip you up and so I have a story. I worked for the Asia pack for a few years,  in Taiwan, and I was trying to use the local language and  needed to make a copy of a very important document. I was trying to ask where the copier was and maybe I didn’t use the local language correctly. It turns out I was directed to the shredder and not the copier. So again, good communication is a must!”

-Jana Kruger, VP of Services Intellective

Intellective helped the NRC really focus on their communication sharing c across their document approval process. The NRC has thousands of documents that are published, reviewed and signed off on daily.Intellective helped them automate a business process around that. They needed to roll it out to all their divisions and use it across the entire organization so making sure it was extensible and configurable were usable was the kareas  we focused on. The application that we built was called eConcurrence, which allows better collaboration across the entire organization.

I would like to brag on the team. One of the things that happened this year is we won the twenty twenty-two innovation success of the year awards. We were very very honored by the NRC to win that award and it was our collaboration with the NRC team members and all the end users. It takes a village to make these applications successful.”

-Jana Kruger, VP of Services Intellective

eConcurrence manages all the documents  they need to have published or approved. This application manages the process from beginning to end. Supervisors create an IBM case, attach the documents; they can attach documents from IBM FileNet, or they can add documents from the cloud. In this case SharePoint is used, then the documents are routed around to a list of reviewers. When the review is complete everyone signs the document,  then it is declared as an official agency record.

How Did We Build This?

One of the areas that we heard from the NRC that was important  was that they needed to collaborate on content very seamlessly, add documents to SharePoint as they go through the process and/or find documents in SharePoint to attach to the IBM case. They also needed to have documents that lived in FileNet. So Intellective Unity is a product we created.  Intellective has been doing this process for well over twenty-five years and we see the same challenges over and over again.

The IBM Framework is something we often work with. IBM Case Manager brings many great benefits to a solution. We’ve taken the best of what we have with the IBM framework and then we’ve combined it with SharePoint, and in this case, Unity enables a seamless integration for these two applications all within the same user interface.

Intellective’s Unity Can:

Intellective’s Unity is the base for many of our custom solutions for clients. It allows us to connect all areas of an enterprise under one single user interface. This allows for more seamless workflows, better data security, and reduces redundant data.

  • Users can make changes to the documents  in the same screen where they were looking at their FileNet documents. So all of this is within the same user interface, and they can collaborate on the documents,  then  easily have them put into FileNet. Once each reviewer and approver finalized their documents they, then put their digital signature into the application.
  • Users can define who is going to be in the review process. This also allows for collaboration all at the same time without overlapping each other’s work. Unity also layers security on top of your already existing user-based security to ensure only the people you want looking at a document have access to it.
  • Additionally, the NRC were delighted with Unity’s actionable analytics dashboard. They can view items that have been completed, arein process, and or view business KPI’s and access cases all from within the same interface which allows them to access those documents.

Take Away:

With the USNRC, Intellective was able to streamline the user experience and allow them to have both cloud and on premises integration. We capitalized on their existing investment. We tried to reuse a lot of the technology we had already developed within the organization and incorporated some new cloud-based activity into their existing solutions. Intellective is continuously helping the USNRC to improve.  We also helped them upgrade to BAW and Cloud Pack.

Besides connecting your enterprise together under one roof, we also offer audits of workflows, which many of our customers find helpful. Looking to start your journey with Intellective? Contact one of our technologists here!

Want to catch the rest of the video? Check it out below!

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