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Digital Connected World Through Cloud Technology

We are at that point in the season where the new year is on our mind and all the exciting changes in our industry that come with it. This year is special because not only are we welcoming a new year, but a new decade as well! We are building on data collection from 2010s and bringing in speed and innovations that are sure to come in the 2020s. Here are just a few predictions for what the year 2020 holds as far as digital transformation is concerned.  


Robotics and Robotic Processes Automation have been implemented for years, with each year bringing more solutions into the mainstream world. Every year we make technological advancements that not only make robotic solutions more efficient, but easier for companies of any size to implement.  While there are some processes that need to be in place before the value of RPA can be truly felt, many companies are using it to supplement a human workforce and make strides that otherwise would have taken many years. 

5G Becomes Mainstream 

5G will surely become a global technological advancement in 2020. With some of the biggest companies in telecommunications like AT&T, Verizon, and Qualcomm backing deployments, it’s almost a guarantee that consumers will be able to use 5G technology in their day to day life. But the value of 5G isn’t limited to phones, it will create new areas of opportunity in smart vehicles, manufacturing, and increased profitability in other technological sectors. For the data interested 5G also means faster information transfer times, as well as being able to connect even more devices. If you’re interested in seeing which sectors will be impacted the most by 5G, check out this article.  

Advances in AI and Advanced Learning 

Advances in AI directly related to advances in data analytics. As computer learning uses more efficient and effective algorithms, our workforces need to be able to divide and conquer all the new information.  Luckily in 2020, interfaces to present the data have become more streamlined and user friendly, creating a better learning environment. This information can be implemented in any sector, but we’re expecting to see big strides in the healthcare sector. By using predictive information healthcare professionals can actually predict health issues, and recommend preventative methods for those problems.   

Data Security Advancements 

With the number of security breaches in recent years and the General Data Protection Regulation, creation we are going to see data security taken more seriously in 2020. While in many cases, users can opt in or out of information collection, we expect us to see that are a bigger scale, as well as companies touting lack of data usage as a brand differentiator. In addition, this is introducing and expanding a new market arena for data security solutions.  

Multi-Cloud Processes 

Forbes is already predicting that 83% of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud by 2020. This begs to question how multi-cloud processes will be implemented to seemingly streamline everyday work processes.  Companies are able to mix and match strengths of cloud providers, this does create issues when tracking and using data, programs, or later finding information. This can also lead to data security issues, which we know will be a top priority from our previous point. Products like Unity by Intellective can balance the pros and cons companies might face, combining the ability to use many cloud based solutions, but having one user friendly interface.  

In the end there are tons of digital advancements that will happen in this new decade. In fact, by 2030 we will be laughing at our trends and predictions, seeing them as juvenile and simple. But in the meantime, focusing on keeping information secure while exploring new arenas is the way to go. Which trend are you most excited for, and which do you think may not live up to the hype?  

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